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Pizhou door Jian

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  Pizhou door also known as "door money", "door", "door hanging", has a long tradition and rich local traditions, widely popular in Pizhou township and the surrounding border areas.

  According to historical records, the door began before the Han Dynasty, the ancient people with the banner of the early expression of the worship of the gods worship and worship, pray for good fortune. Song **** the beginning of the year when the banner hoisted hanging in the lintel, as a good sign of the New Year, and began to use cloth and paper hollow, the production of hanging door money. Ming and Qing Dynasties, the door money has evolved into a model, after a thousand years of streamer wins the heritage and development of the current form of the door Jian. Whenever the Spring Festival, Pizhou urban and rural families posted every door Jian, colorful door pad, strong color bright, windward, and couplets, door god pavilions, to the festival in the New Year added lively atmosphere.

  Pizhou door engraved engraved artists, all over the town of Pizhou, iron town of South Fung field village, places sheep town Shabu village, soil town of rhubarb Zhuangcun, Hong Kong town of Fan Village, Chahe Town Liang Village, Xu Tong Shao field village, the town of sinus Douzhuang (now designated Xinyi) and dozens of door engraved professional village. Pizhou still spread the ancient folk, "the mouth of the eldest sister will be arranged flowers, Huangzhuang door money to pull the car." Visible Pizhou door Jianzao, in a long time ago has formed a huge production scale and sales market.

  Patchwork materials and production throughout the country are not the same, especially in Pizhou five-color dug up the door Jian unique, artists only five colors, through clever ideas, the use of patterns, color changes interspersed with the color of the door Jian Variety, colorful.

  Pizhou Miaojian inherited the legacy of the original painted pottery, Chinese-like stone style, woodcut New Year paintings, folk painting color. Style bold and bold, broad and exaggerated, vivid and vivid, the screen black and white, dotted line, surface layout Jiangxinduyun, with simple, vigorous, simple, natural art features.

With the development of modern production and life, people's life philosophy, customs, housing conditions are constantly changing, the current section posted in the town has been less and less, the traditional blessing of the auspicious gradually enjoy other entertainment media Replaced by the implication of far-reaching tradition of the door has been forgotten by the modern young man. At the same time the machine made from the late 20th century, the door began to increase, but also greatly impact on the traditional manual Jianzhao market, resulting in many old artists to give up the traditional craftsmanship in life, is still stick to the traditional handmade gates Folk artists have a few, the outstanding folk treasures have been facing extinction, the urgent need for the Government and the community to give a wide range of support and protection.


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