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Peixian Feng Hou Hu

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  China 's vast land, the tiger as the king of beasts, mighty powerful, quiet lying alone demonstrate its prestige, by the Chinese nation as "the protector of life. Based on this, the Chinese people since ancient times Chong Hu, thousands of years, the tiger culture runs through the Chinese civilization, has a rich connotation and great influence, penetrate into the economic, political, military, cultural and other fields, still stretches. The people of Chong Hu, because Yang Wei and fear of its fierce, and want to protect the whole family, this because of love and worship, because of fear and worship of the complex psychology of the tiger was given unlimited power and divinity. The Han Dynasty should be Shao "custom" has ten days: "tiger, positive objects, beasts of the long, can stroke stroke file sharp, bite eating ghosts", tiger's evil exorcism also determines the tiger auspicious, brave, The meaning of life. The so-called "all things are spiritual, do not worship the", this worship and beliefs of the tiger was removed for thousands of years so far, has evolved into various forms of folk life, such as ethnic festivals in the tiger, folklore Tiger proverbs, daily life in the tiger paintings, tiger sculpture, tiger shoes, tiger-shaped ornaments and so on.

  According to legend, in 202 BC, Liu Bang created the Han dynasty Foundation, Feng Hou will be up to 143 people, including Pei membership 23 people, only Peixian Anguo there are three princes (Ruyang Hou Guanying, Anguo Hou Tombs, Jianghou Zhou Bo). Because of the natural instinct of Liu Bang, the victory and defeat of calm people, make the people live and work, people princes love respect, coupled with Pei City folk customs strong, respected etiquette, Peixi sent auspicious cloth tiger, so folk cloth tiger named " ", This name, the" cloth tiger "status is more important, so folk gifts often send red" Feng Hou Hu ", meaning auspicious happiness to send home, has been spread so far. According to legend, Anguo Houling's neighbor, a skilled woman, in the emperor's hometown is about to leave, hand-sewn "Fenghou tiger", "tiger head shoes", "tiger cap" and "tiger head pillow" To the emperor Liu Bang, because the Prince Liu Ying is a tiger, on behalf of Peixian people to send this gift to bless Prince health, tigers are angry. Gao Zu Long Yan Yue, then give a lot of clever women's real estate, and to bring this technology and folk Chang'an. Today, "Feng Hou Hu" has become Peixian cloth tiger collectively, under a lot of different types, different shapes, Jiu also different, Pei people gifts are not just a single "Feng Hou Hu" is To a series of "Fenghou tiger", including tiger-head shoes, tiger-head hats, tiger-shaped pendant, etc., which Pei people's folk activities can be learned.

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