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2015, the first snow Zheng Grand Courtyard - Life Gallery silhouette

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Living Area:

  The courtyard for the backyard, is a encircled courtyard, designed for the owners and their families to rest.

Main building: The building is the main building of the hospital, is the owner of the rest. The room is divided into three functional blocks. Ming is the master and family to discuss the place, furnishings under the Ming and Qing dynasties of the main house of the original house regulation design. The middle of the hall hanging wall paintings, landscape painting of the upper space hanging wooden plaque, the title of the house. Landscape painting placed under a imitation Qingtou case, the table placed some ornaments: Aquarius, screen, clock and so on. Case placed on both sides of the two high flowers a few, spent a few plants placed on potted plants, landscaping space environment. Volume head case before the median position of the eight immortals table, set up on both sides of the armchair. Ming on both sides of the wall symmetrical hanging landscape design of the hanging screen, hang the screen under the armchair and coffee table, neat and rigorous. The left side of the room for the study, for the owner usually reading, writing, the right time between the master bedroom, shelves placed shelves, wardrobe, classic cabinet, washbasin, incense burners, racks, lighthouse and other daily necessities , Contrasting the room atmosphere.

Allocation: the front of the room is designed for the allocation of both sides, is the owner of the children rest. South side of the room design for the lady's boudoir, boudoir room for the room between the Ming room, placed a few cases, a few flowers, octagonal tables, too Chancheng, round tables and other furniture. Miss left the next time between the bedroom, placed shelf bed, wardrobe, dresser, washstand and so on. Miss time on the right side of the piano room, place more treasure grid, piano tables, book grid, a few cases, reproduction of the old lady boudoir scene. The north side of the room design for the young master's room, Ming room for the living room, the right time between the bedroom, furnishings layout and basic design of the same lady boudoir. On the left side of the design for the study, placed within the multi-grid, desk, book grid, the case of several furniture.