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Pizhou Pu Shan

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  Pupan fan is the ancient people of the ancient Pi people's major household handicrafts, but also ancient Pi town unique traditional folk craft, it's a great reputation in the country, the world is unique.

  Ancient Xia Pi has always been a wetland. Yishui, Wu Shui, Surabaya flows through nearly a thousand miles, around the ancient city of Pi in the east after the intersection, the river aspect into the network, full of Pu Lu's sway and swamp. One party to feed water and soil. For a long time, the diligent and intelligent workers have made full use of this rich resources and vigorously developed the handicraft industry, and constantly improve the technology, and constantly invented to create new products, continue to expand the scale of production and operation. Among the more than 100 kinds of Pu Lu knit fabrics, the most representative of Pu Shan. Weaving, weaving, weaving the use of density contrast, the width of the change, the effect of the latitude and longitude cross-ups and downs, weft knitting, weft knitting, weaving,


  Pu Shan is the daily necessities of people's lives, it's low cost, easy to carry, to fan, can drive mosquitoes, summer peasants in the field weeding, the fan inserted in the posterior waist, Can absorb sweat. Sometimes the tree under the cool air, but also the palm fan on the body under the seat cushion. Pu Shan is the local drama, dance, spring will be used on the stage props.

  With the progress of society, people's daily necessities have been more advanced and higher demand, palm-leaf fan from people's lives fade out. Due to changes in natural ecology in recent decades, cattails have become scarce. Now the ancient Pi will be compiled palm fan who is running out, will be compiled fine fan who is less. At present, the palm tree weaving skill gradually in the endangered extinction state, urgent need to rescue protection, so that the traditional skills more vitality.