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New grass grass Liubian

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  Liubian in China has a long history, is one of China's traditional skills, the earliest visible straw products Hemudu people produced, dating back more than 7,000 years of history, "Book of Rites" contained in the Zhou Dynasty has been prepared Pu Spring and autumn and the Warring States period that is made of dried linen and paprika hats; Qin and Han Dynasties, the straw widely used in folk, there straw shoes, straw mats, grass fans and futon. Han to the Tang Dynasty straw more developed, more diverse types of products. Liubian has been produced in the Ming Dynasty, folk arts and crafts people with wicker woven into a bucket, basket, dustpan and other labor tools.

  Xinyi Caoqiao Liubian produced in the Qing Dynasty Kangxi years, is from Hongdong County, Shanxi Province Wang family moved into the grass Chen Wei Village into the skills. The early Qing Dynasty, only the king, Zhang, Ding three family preparation. From ancient times, from the sixties to the height of Caoqiao Liubian, has been flourishing. Chen Wei Village 312 families are engaged in Liubian process, while the town has nearly ten thousand people engaged in Liubian process. Product marketing throughout the country, exported to Japan, Korea, and other places, has attracted Shandong, Anhui, Suqian and other provinces and cities around the area artists to learn Liubian skills.

  Liubian is a traditional handicraft. The wicker is soft and easy to bend. Its thickness is well-proportioned and its color is elegant. It is woven into all kinds of simple and natural, handsome and light and durable handicrafts. The wickerwork is complex, and the weaving technique is different. Different, such as woven fence, dustpan and other labor tools, just after the amount of bar, rendering, cut stubble, the whole circle, on the circle, beam and other processes can be completed, and weaving basketry techniques are flat Knitting, weaving, weaving, weaving, entanglement five.

  Willow knit light and durable, cheap, has a high artistic value, after the originality of the design, can be made out of a variety of decorative works, handsome in appearance, gives the United States to enjoy. Fully embodies the hard labor and wisdom of Xinyi working people. Liubian also has a strong practical value, is an indispensable daily necessities of life, such as: fence bucket, dustpan, baskets and so on.