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Xinyi Ming Emperor bundle Hong shoe

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  Ming Emperor Bundle of the original name "bundle trotters," began in the Ming Dynasty, was a palace inside a dish, while also widely circulated in folk, Xinyi is a local specialty.

  Bundle is a traditional handmade skills to trotters, pork as raw material, using a unique process, the traditional secret side from refining. The production process a total of 12: selection of pig's trotters, plucking clean, Eviscerate skin, warm water over the skin of the net, the election essence meat Eviscerate peeled, meat meat knife processing, meat pickled, square cloth bandaged into semi-finished products, Luzhu, cooling to cloth, oil amendment, finished packaging into the library. Bun Hong shoe to retain the original shape, wrapped inside the meat and Pisi, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, spices, etc. into the soup cooked. With a complete slice, skin-meat tender, salty moderate, unique flavor and so on. Bundle of the human body is rich in collagen protein, regular consumption can improve the human eye function, so that the cornea to maintain transparency; enhance muscle function, promote muscle cells and elasticity and luster; protect and strengthen the internal organs, and enhance bone Hard to make it flexible, not fragile and fragile effect.

  Bundle made of traditional handmade hoof, most of the processes need to be completed by hand, time-consuming and laborious, and now young people do not want to engage in this skill. Bundle fillet production recipe only master in the hands of the descendant of the hands of Wang Changjun, did not get a good heritage. Inheritors have been to the sixtieth, if not a better heritage, will face lost