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East Road Liuqin

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East Liuqin melody melody melodious, simple humor, male show, has a strong local characteristics. In particular, female cavity tail often up to seven degrees of the lap, unique auditory charm, smell the soul of the dream, so the audience is still nicknamed Liuqin play as "pull the soul cavity." Now people are still circulating: "three days do not listen to pull the soul cavity, eat and sleep is not fragrant" Minyan. Showing the audience favorite Liuqin play. East Liuqin male singing rough, hearty, loud and clear. Female singing melodious, colorful, endless aftertaste. The singer can be free to play, create, free to change. The classic repertoire, "Zhang Lang clove" since 1957 award-winning, staged as many as thousands of games, long speech is not bad, best embodies the East Road Liuqin singing characteristics, its representative Wang Yufeng to grievances known, unique in the Liuqin sector .