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County Flower Drum

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  Fengxian Huagu, also known as "two drums", "playing drums", "ringing drums", "drums small gong", "smashing dry bang" and so on. It is popular in the Soviet Union, Shandong, Henan, Anhui border areas. Fengxian Huagu's origin, from the records and the artist was informed that the oral, Huagu later introduced in the early Qing Dynasty Fengxian, has been nearly 400 years of history.

  Fengxian Huagu with different forms of performance, respectively, for the opera, folk art, dance three art department class. In a person (or two) to sing, narrative as the main body, since the hit sing, dance and performance are retired as a vassal, can be regarded as folk art; in the absence of dance (or less), to dance, dance , Dance, dance, martial arts as the main body, only the accompaniment of percussion, but also as a folk dance; and in figures, stories, singing, performing as the main character into the interpretation of the story, it became opera.

  The music of Fengxian Huagu consists of two parts: singing and accompaniment. Commonly used music tunes [flat], [cold tone], [goods Lang tone], [bitter] and so on. [Smooth tone] is used to narrative, lyrical aspects of the concert; [cold tone] (artists also known as [cold rhyme]) to the performance of sadness, crying mood-based; [sellers] is selling peddlers selling melody, rhythm , Lively, and sometimes can sing alone; [bitter] As the name implies, it is the performance of sad melancholy mood tunes.

  A variety of plate singing, singing, and more for the first cavity and then articulate, people feel lingering, gentle and not too dry, too red. The actors focus on the use of the "gas", especially after the board, the eyes of the stolen gas, ventilation, the actor can play its unique skill, not only make the audience hear the sound of breathing, but also in the inspiratory While the lyrics to sing out, different from other prominent features of the opera.

  The main accompaniment for the hub, Bangzi, gong, cymbals and so on. Huagu and Bangzi with, command and command the overall rhythm. Drum artists often say: "drums," (that is, the drums of the clown) with color silk or silk Xiekua in the left ribs below the left hand of the drums, Drum drum beat drums, the drum of the right hand drum beat drums. Singing, the drum to help fight more in the eye, drum skin falls on the board. In conjunction with the action or accompaniment when the door, the board and the eye is both intertwined and play with the flowers. Drum of the play, a text to play, Wu dig the points. Text to play more rounded plate eyes clear slow, medium-speed rhythm; Wu Tao for the opening or accompaniment action, performance drum technology used. Wu Tao in the sub-dig, dig, dig, dig left, right dig, Li Tuitao, jumping dig, rotating dig, roll dig, also known as "dig Wu drum." Clapper playing only strong shot, do not beat weak beat. In the hands of small, there are only drums without Bangzi situation.

  The occurrence, development and decline of the flower drum in Fengxian County have gone through several times. It has been repeated in the repeated play, repeatedly repeated in the course of the evolution of their own. As the hub of the "Guoyin injury" of the suspect, since the Republic of China, there are "flower drums can only perform in the village, not into the Daya Hall" of the rural folk. After the founding of new China, due to the repertoire, actors, funds, there are many aspects of the larger and can not solve the problem, so that the county flower drum in Qu Lin, theater status deteriorating. Currently, Fengxian Huagu has no class, community exists, only a small number of artists in the festival, winter leisure time, occasionally make some self-entertainment concert.