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Fengxian honey bee cakes

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  Fengxian specialty honey bee cake originated in the Ming Dynasty Wanli, dating back more than 400 years of history, the Qing Dynasty had tribute. Before the 1950s, Fengxian honey bee-cake for the production of private workshops, sixty to early nineties for the county's main food products factory, the mid-nineties and into private production. Fengxian food factory production of honey bee cake in 1983, Jiangsu Province, was awarded the title of special products, in 1985 won the title of quality products in Jiangsu Province in 1990 in China Women and Children's Products Fair was awarded the bronze medal.

  Fengxian honey bee cakes work fine, nutrient-rich, pleasing in appearance. The preparation process comprises the following steps: washing gluten with high-gluten flour, rolling the gluten into flakes, cutting the strips into strips of sesame oil and frying into a bee-cake leaf; mixing white sugar, rice sugar, honey and royal jelly slurry; The shape of the pan, covered with soft white sugar, sprinkle a little candied fruit, cut into a rectangular is the finished product.When the eggplant into the wok, Its upper surface is white, the bottom was golden yellow, the organizational structure into a honeycomb, crisp texture, crispy and delicious, sweet but not greasy, unique flavor.

  Fengxian honey bee cake is a superior food among the goods, with the effect of fitness and strong body can cough and lungs, Yi Chang catharsis, the treatment of asthma, bronchitis, chronic enteritis, digestive disorders and other age-related diseases have a good Auxiliary effect. Fengxian honey honey cake can dry food, but also add water into the flow of food and drink.

  Fengxian honey bee cakes as the material prices higher, fine workmanship and complicated, holding honey bee making skills have been less than 10 people, and more than 65 years of age, art heritage in the lack of succession situation, it is difficult to reproduce the twentieth century Six, seventies production glory.