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Folk custom of Fengxian County

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  Fengxian County has a long history and prosperous culture, is the ancestor of Taoist ancestral home of Zhang Daoling, and to Zou Lu, Su Ru Feng, the Han culture the same strain, a long history. The folk custom of Fengxian County is an important part of life etiquette and custom. It is a precious intangible cultural heritage because it is full of heavy historical culture and rich religious color.

  Fengxian folk custom is the traditional etiquette formed in the long farming period, which has four prominent features: First, Fengxian County is located in the eastern part of the Central Plains, with the Han nationality as the mainstay, the birth of the customs and the surrounding areas have many common Folk customs, religion, belief, food, health care and traditional handicrafts in the form of the "three years of different customs, ten miles to change the rules", but also has many differences, showing a very distinctive regional characteristics; One is the unique form of cultural space, its transmission context in the natural formation of the people, in the subtle influence of the norms of people's ideas and behavior; Third, the county folk birth customs embodies the respect for women and children's care , Showing the affinity between people; Fourth, the birth of folk customs in Fengxian has a standardized and orderly form of ritual, with the progress of the times and the improvement of spiritual civilization, bad habits gradually abandoned, dross has been removed, followed by integration New ideas, new ideas, new culture, the main etiquette in the continuation of the continuation of an increase of fresh flavor of the times. Therefore, the birth of folk customs in Fengxian County has the value of anthropology and folklore. It is the carrier of traditional folk culture, the platform of traditional handicrafts, and the communication channel of traditional maternal and child health care knowledge.

  With the change of the times and the renewal of people's thoughts, the traditional folk custom of Fengxian County has been violently impacted and presented the crisis of dying out. The traditional folk activities are fading and the affinity is simple. ; Traditional craftsmanship associated with the birth of etiquette gradually fade out people's vision, replaced by modern technology products; traditional folk beliefs and taboos near extinction, the emerging behavioral norms gradually into one.