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The Legend of Phoenix

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  Phoenix has been hailed as the "king of birds", is a symbol of good fortune, has always been highly respected. This Fengxian Fengcheng town, the ancient name of "Fengcheng", the local "phoenix" word or "phoenix" character names, building numerous, are derived from the beautiful legend of the phoenix.

  Legend of the Spring and Autumn period of the day, blue sky, sunny, vast land, flowers, people are happy to labor. Suddenly flying from the northeast direction of a beautiful bird, with wings, a long big feather tail, like the countless face flag, colorful, amazing exclaimed. What is this bird? Phoenix! Bird King, is the Bird ... ... Phoenix falls on the southwest corner of the city of Fengcheng. Bird King came, birds toward the phoenix, creepy birds gathered from fluttering wings song. People think that Phoenix is a Bird, who dare not move it, not close to it, hurt it.       Phoenix fall, there is a rainbow, the rainbow in the Jinfeng dance, like a beautiful picture ... ... Fengcheng elders told the news, surprise, overnight, Shen Bird Phoenix disappeared, it stopped the piece of land change Into a Phoenix-shaped highlands, head southwest, tail to the northeast, "Crested" is the lower part of an oval-shaped mound, called the phoenix crop, Fengcheng Northeast 3 Xu, a few acres of oval-shaped high Pier, known as Phoenix eggs, Fengcheng changed its name from Fengcheng, Fengcheng hence the name.

  As the saying goes: "Phoenix does not fall without treasure of the land", the Phoenix will be at the fall and fall treasure, is auspicious signs. Not only to the ancient abundance of land brought aura, romance "Phoenix acupuncture", "Indus tree on Phoenix", "Phoenix crop and Liu Bang legend" and many other beautiful myths, but also gave birth to a generation of emperor Han emperor Liu Bang.