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Hanwang draw sword spring and horse lie spring legend

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  Han Shan Town, Tongshan County Shanqingshuixiu, beautiful scenery, the famous pull Jianquan and Ma Paquan legend took place in the town of Han Ding Ding Tangshan.

  According to legend, 2200 years ago, Liu Peng captured Pengcheng (Xuzhou), all day triumphantly, Xunhuan music, forget it. Xiang Yu led the 30,000 elite troops, while the dark night, suddenly onslaught Pengcheng, Liu Bang defeated the war. Liu Bang with remnants of defeat, to the southwest of Pengcheng fled. Overlord Xiang Yu led the army in hot pursuit to the Kings of Dingtang mountain, the Liu Bang remnants of the remnants of siege, Liu Bangbing horse has no way to escape, coupled with thirst and hungry, extremely exhausted, had dismount breathing. Desperate Liu Bang pull out the sword from the waist, toward the stone on a 搠, Yangtianchang sighed: "Who knows, when he pulls out the sword from the stone, a clear spring with the sword and spewing come out! At the same time, his horses are also impatient with the hoof picking, very clever, horseshoe bark out of the spring. Liu Bang soldiers drink water to quench his thirst, fatigue greatly reduced, the spirit of vibration, full of flame out of the tight encirclement of Xiang Yu, then was able to make a comeback, defeated Xiang Yu, dominate the world, when the emperor. Since then, Liu Bang draw sword water, Ma Pa Chengquan legend, like spring water, has been popular in the Hanwang town folk.

    Springs like horseshoe trample left, the spring water spewing out from the rock crevices, thousands of years has never ceased, at the end of a long stream, spring seasons Temperature 16 degrees Celsius, is the birthplace of Xuzhou Yunlong Lake