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Jia Wang stone carving

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  Jia Wang stone carving has 100 years of history. The development of Jia Wang stone carving is from ordinary masonry part of the craftsmen to create. They get enlightenment from the jade carving process, from experience to explore the experience, from the rough, hard stone carving out in the exquisite stone carving process.

  Jiawang stone carving scale is in the late Qing Dynasty, the 20th century, two to three years to reach its peak. Jia Wang territory of the mountain, stone carving raw materials, local materials, in particular Jiawang Biantang territory more than mountains, good stone, stone carving provides inexhaustible high-quality raw materials. Therefore, Bian Town, Jia Wang has become a base stone carving process.

Jia Wang stone carving process is not complicated, mainly choice of materials, processing, timber, stickers, carving, grinding and so on. Artists tools are mainly sawing, chisel, chisel, knife and so on.

  Jia Wang stone carvings include the main characters, animals, flowers and birds. To auspicious, rich, blessing satisfied as the main content; life craft supplies category, mainly tables, chairs, bars, stools, in addition to small pendants, accessories and so on. Stone carving of the main three-dimensional carving, plane carving and hollow carving, Jia Wang stone more than 100 years, the artists in the constant pursuit and creation, has been developed by leaps and bounds, carving art excellence. Jia Wang stone carving works of art in the past 30 years, has repeatedly in the provinces, municipalities, the country won the award for Jia Wang won the honor. Its stone carving art boutique has a high collection value, by domestic and foreign counterparts recognition, by the masses of the praise.