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The Craftwork of

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  Xue Qiaocun is located in the northwest of Jiuli District, rural scenery rich, warm temperate semi-humid monsoon climate. Particularly suitable for Xue Bridge straw raw materials - the growth of sorghum stalks, can grow red, yellow, white, milk and other colors of sorghum straw. Xue Qiaocun known as "the first knitting village in northern Jiangsu," said. Xue Bridge grass products are rich in various forms. There are a variety of daily necessities, there are a variety of decorative handicrafts. Use them in full bloom food, safety, health, environmental protection, put a long time and do not go away.

  Xue Qiaobian the earliest origins of the art when not known, according to the old people over the age of 80, said the mid-Qing Dynasty is flourishing. In the old days, most of the residents of Xue Bridge land is very small, mainly to the village of several landlords playing the main short-term workers, Jianzuo straw technology. At first weaving home appliances, and later for the city's sauce, vinegar, food processing shop pot, cylinder head, for the steamed bread room, the hotel processing steamed basket for Sheng steamed bread, with the increasing demand for life, processing content forms Become colorful, such as their daily life Bun baskets, steamed bun, lid, cylinder head, while serving the people around, for some pocket money, the subsidy home. In order to please buyers, pay attention to the practical basis of the beginning to add a variety of decorative patterns or lace, as well as specifically to do some of the more refined live to relatives or status of people.

After the liberation, Xue Qiaocun adults and children, men, women and children who will straw live, steamed plate, grass pier, porridge, married married girl back to the door to be presented outside the village to Xue Bridge to build or to Market purchase to send girl. To the 20th century, 60 years, this skill by the collective organization to do this craft, the production team according to the number of quality work points. With the reform and opening up, the implementation of household delivery system, the late 1980s, has become their own production, young people to the factory to find work dry, to give units to do two steamed baskets donated unit canteen, to tie a pattern with the leadership Of the bun basket for gifts. With the national economic development, alternatives emerge in an endless stream, the amount of declining, and now only a small part of the elderly still adhere to this skill, and now people under the age of 40 rarely this skill.