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The Legend of Confucius

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  Ancient Surabaya and the Yellow River and the ancient Luliang (now Tongshan County Izhuang Zhen Lvliang village) have complex ties, it is the irrigation of the Luliang's farming, raising the Luliang people for generations, witnessed the development of Luliang historical and cultural civilization, Confucius Luliang Hong view of this will happen here.

  Confucius concept Lvliang Hong is a historical fact, occurred in the Spring and Autumn Period, dating back 2490 years, is a lot of historical data records and folk oral tradition.

  "Chuang-tzu," wrote: "suspended thirty-yin, Liu Mo forty miles, sea turtle fish can not have the reason why there are"; Jiajing fourteen years Guzu Yu's "Reading History and Minutes" Dangerous "boulder teeth row, waves and turbulent." Lvliang flood potential dangerous, fast-flowing, so admired Confucius endless. When Confucius traveled around the world, he and his able disciples Zilu, Zigong, Yen Hui to Luliang watch the flood, see Kazuo in the rapids of the water, that there is bitter and want to die, so that disciples and flow and save hundreds of steps Out, Confucius said: "I to the child as a ghost, who is the investigation, I would like to Doushui Youdao almost"? Said: "death, I have no way, I almost all the time, long sex, into almost life.With its all into, and gurgling out of the water from the road rather than private Yan. Confucius said: "What is the beginning so almost, long sex, into almost life"? Said: "I was born in the mausoleum and the tomb, it is also; longer than the water and the water, sex also; I do not know why so, life is also." Confucius looked at the flood, saying: "The deceased, such as Rushe, do not care day and night." Another Confucius asked the road, car repair, drying books and many other moving legends.

  Confucius view of Lvliang in "Zhuangzi. Outside the article. Has a long history, information-rich features; Confucius, Lvliang Hong legend of the impact of large, spread a wide area, with the ideology, with a long history, Education, philosophy and other characteristics, has a high historical and cultural value and cultural value.