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Legend of Li San Niang

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  Li Sanniang is Peixian county northwest Li Tong village, about her legends and stories, in the Peixian household. She is the children of the working people, in her, reflects the hardworking people of the working people, hard-working and excellent quality of loyalty to love, unyielding spirit of protest. More than a thousand years in the civil generation from generation to generation, become the most respected and respected local people a model.

  Li San Niang's legends and stories, and Peixian out of the peasant emperor Han emperor Liu Bang, as a household name, everyone knows, as Peixian people's pride and pride.

  As early as the Northern Song Dynasty, there appeared the story of Li San Niang and Liu Zhiyuan as the main plot of the content of the "Liu Zhiyuan Zhu Gong"; to the Southern Song Dynasty, according to "Liu Zhiyuan Zhu Gong Tune" adapted for the South Opera legend "White Rabbit" To the Ming Jiajing years, Pei Ren Li San Niang year to fetch water eight glass wells Jingtai, placed in the county (the county seat), the county seat of the people, In the "New Po Pei Eight Poems", there are "glass clear spring still Jishi Note" of the "Qingliuquan," the first of its kind, the first of its kind, Famous. Above all things, new and old versions of "Pei County", are documented.

  Li San Niang is the Pei County people's outstanding children, her hard-working and diligent character of true love and faithful faith, to leave infinite spiritual power of future generations, She is always Peixian people's pride and pride.