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The city of Xuzhou will hold rich and colorful fifth annual popular cultural activities

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From January 30, 2017 to February 11th, will be in Xuzhou city at hubushan in ancient dwellings (Xuzhou Folk Museum) held the fifth annual folk cultural activities.

The renovated at hubushan in ancient dwellings (including Xuzhou Folk Museum, Xuzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum), just as the creation of the national 4A level of cultural tourism, and won the 2016 annual "ten new scenic spots in Jiangsu province" award. At hubushan in ancient dwellings by Zhai courtyard, Globelin courtyard, Zheng courtyard, Liu courtyard, with 5 arches right courtyard, during the Spring Festival will have 4 days (January 26th, January 29 - 31 days) free open wide acceptance of the public and tourists to visit.

"To see the traditional drama, to catch up with the great collection, to visit the houses in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and to produce local customs" will be the main view of the popular cultural activities of this year. Friends here can visit houses, listen to dramas, send couplets, Na Xinfu, listen to classics, recite classics, watch folk customs, roll lanterns, enjoy craftsmen art, and watch the exhibition of intangible cultural heritage. A series of distinct regional characteristics, unique cultural traditions, close to life, close to the grass roots, close to the masses, and colorful annual cultural activities will attract visitors from all sides and let the masses of the public linger.

Organized folk culture activities, to inherit and carry forward the Xuzhou unique folk traditional culture, in-depth implementation of the "Chinese wind dance Huimin Engineering" culture, and promote the reform of the cultural system, to build a "strong rich makall" new Xuzhou provide a strong guiding force, cohesive force, cultural value and spiritual impetus, let the people live a a happy, peaceful and happy spring festival.

The event will be hosted by the people's Government of Xuzhou city media Bureau, Yunlong District, Xuzhou cultural center, Xuzhou City intangible cultural heritage protection center, Xuzhou city (Hui Long Wo) hosted at hubushan in management center, historical and Cultural District of Xuzhou city at hubushan in historic buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasty protection center.

Xuzhou city at hubushan in historic buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasty Xuan Protection Center

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