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The fifth annual popular cultural activities in Xuzhou (program list)

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1, the beginning ceremony of the fifth annual popular cultural activities in Xuzhou. Time: 9:30 in the morning of January 26th. Location: the grand stage of the traditional opera of the Xuzhou Folk Museum. Content:

(1) the art performance activities of Xuzhou Xin Lian Xin art troupe;

(2) Xuzhou City petrel reporter group "write the Spring Festival to send blessing" activities.

2, the local traditional drama exhibition. Time: all day January 29th, January 30th to February 2nd every afternoon at 2:20 to 4:30, a total of 6 games. Location: the traditional opera stage of the Folklore Museum.

3, Chinese school lectures and classical reading activities. Time: from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m. every day from January 29th to 31. Location: National Museum of Xuzhou folk custom museum.

4, the non - Legacy inheritors live on the scene. Time: January 29th - February 2nd. Location: the remaining house and Zhai's house. Content: sachet, paper cutting, weaving, figurines, blown sugar, pottery and other folk art heritage site show artisan skills.

5, traditional Chinese wedding show throwing embroidered ball activities.  Public friends can play new people and participate in the experience of traditional wedding show. Time: 10:00 in the morning of January 30th.  Location: the embroidery building of the upper house of Zhai Jia, Xuzhou folk custom museum.

6, "celebrate the Lantern Festival" folklore display activities. Time: all day in February 11th. Location: inside and outside of the Xuzhou Folk Museum. Content:

(1) traditional folk performance;

(2) "at hubushan in rhyme" cheongsam show;

(3) children "roll the Lantern Festival" experience.

7. The exhibition of folk and intangible cultural heritage projects. Time: every day from January 26th, a permanent exhibition. Location: Xuzhou Folklore Museum.

Xuzhou city at hubushan in historic buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasty Xuan Protection Center