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Congratulations to Xuzhou at hubushan in ancient dwellings "was named Jiangsu in 2016 ten new scenic spots

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On the evaluation of the results of the ten new scenic spots and ten new lines in Jiangsu in 2016

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Jiangsu Provincial Tourism Bureau
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To further explore tourism resources in our province, give full play to the advantages of tourism resources, promote the transformation and upgrading of tourism products, according to the December 7, 2016 "on the recommendation of new scenic spots, 2016 new line notice" requirement, I Bureau of colleges, tourism marketing planning experts and scholars in the province key travel agency review group, 30 new scenic spots, the report recommended on the province's cities and 47 new routes were selected.

Review group on "good brand culture, good water article, singing characteristics play" principle, selected the 2016 ten new scenic line; according to the theme, regional linkage, and run the rationality of the layout of the product experience principle, selected in 2016 ten new routes. The results of the relevant selection are now publicized.

The time of publicity is from from January 10 to 14, 2017. If there is any objection, please call the Tourism Promotion Office of Jiangsu Provincial Tourism Bureau, contact: Cheng double, telephone (fax): 025-83438161, cell phone: 13861372825.

Annexes: ten new scenic spots and ten new lines in Jiangsu in 2016

Jiangsu Provincial Tourism Bureau

January 10, 2017


Ten new scenic spots in 2016


Serial number

Name of scenic spot



East Salt Lake City (first phase) Dao world scenic spot

Changzhou City


The world of Marco Polo

Yangzhou City


Silver sand of Hengda blue sea

Nantong City


Taizhou rice river scenic spot

Taizhou City


Qingjiang Pu scenic area of the cultural corridor of the Li Canal

Huaian City


Gucheng Lake City

Nanjing City



Nanjing City


Xuzhou city at hubushan in ancient residential area

Xuzhou City


Ancient village of Qian Hua

Zhenjiang City


Fung Street



Ten new lines in 2016


Serial number

Line name

Main attractions of the line

Declaration unit


Study of Huaiyang delicacy Culture Tour

D1 Nanjing 1865 creative garden, old gate East;

D2 ancient Huaihe cultural ecological area, Chinese Huaiyang Culture Museum, Museum of journey to the west, the Qing Yan Park, the former residence of Zhou Enlai, the governor of canal transportation department and the Huaian government department;

D3 modern national wine factory, Yangzhou Dongguan Street ancient block, boat tour of the ancient canal;

D4 visit the Yangzhou University Tourism Institute, Slender West Lake, park;

D5 Chinese imperial Museum (Taizhou Academy of political science test Shiyuan) and the former residence of Mei Lanfang, Qintong town

Yangzhou China travel agency limited liability company


Jinling youth Tour

Line 1: D1 (Jinling truly great men Zhi), Jinghai Temple treasure shipyard, the six museum;

D2 presidential palace, Jiangning weaving Museum

Line 2 (Nanjing: D1 SBBS) Yuejianglou, Stone City, Xuanwu Lake, Taicheng;

D2 collection Qing gate, Zhonghua Gate, Six Dynasty Museum

Nanjing Zhongbei Friendship International Travel Service Co. Ltd.


Huaian "famous, famous river, famous lake, famous dish" three day tour

D1 Zhou Enlai memorial hall, the Huaian government, under the river town, Li canal;

D2 West amusement park, Japan moon continent, ancient Huaihe ecological scenic spot, Laozi Mountain;

D3 Hongze Lake dike and Baima Lake

Huaian Shiyuan International Travel Agency Co., Ltd.


Human Zhenjiang, leisure life

D1 Hua Village, Jiangsu Tea Expo, xijindu;

D2 Park, China Mi Fu Calligraphy Culture Museum, vinegar water show "white snake";

D3 China Changjiang Wetland Park, Changshan lavender manor

Zhenjiang Tourism Development Committee


Relax in mind and body, enjoy a two day tour in Changzhou

D1 Oriental Salt Lake City, Jintan Baosheng park; D2 China Dinosaur Park, South Avenue Shuanggui Fang

Changzhou tourist Tmall flagship store


"Enjoy the health of Taizhou, the city of food and water" two day tour

D1 rice, Zhou River Scenic Area (Wu), ancient house garden, Joe Park, Taizhou Bell Tower Lane, street, night Fengcheng river;

D2 Taizhou tea, Fengcheng River scenic area, Chinese medicine science and Technology Park, Qin Lake scenic area, the ancient holy temple, Shou OCT clouds of hot springs, jumpcan Kang Yang Town

Taizhou Tourism Bureau


Shanghai - Yan Du tourist direct train

D1 Yang's ecological garden and hot spring;

D2 Tai Zong Lake Tourist Resort

Tourism Bureau of the city of salt capital


Goods Xichu tours Suqian Huahai Lake delicacy leisure vacation tour two

D1, the hometown of Wang, three Taishan Forest Park;

D2 Zao he ancient town and Loma Lake

Suqian City Beauty International Travel Agency


"The ink on the early evening in the dream of" Jiawang two day tour experience

D1 Du Gong Lake Scenic Area;

D2 Du Longshan hot spring mountain, Jingshan Hill or public skiing, sea area, ink set, folk culture park

Jiawang District Tourism Bureau


The ancient street, Lianyun island for two days

Democratic Road Lianyun Town, D1;

D2 Qinshan Island

Jiangsu friendly international travel agency

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