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The news is so exhilarating that everyone is celebrating and spreading it to the rest of the world!!! China's "twenty-four throttle" Shen did not succeed!

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     The United Nations Educational Organization for the protection of intangible cultural heritage of the Intergovernmental Committee of UNESCO (hereinafter referred to as "the committee") held the eleventh regular meeting Ababa Conference Center in Ethiopia from November 28, 2016 to December 2nd, the capital of asia. November 30th (yesterday) 17:35, after review committee, formally adopted a resolution to  the "China twenty-four - Chinese solar term by observing the sun movement and the formation of knowledge system and its practice time" included in the UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage Representative List (hereinafter referred to as the "representative list").

"Twenty-four solar terms" is a knowledge system and social practice that Chinese people form through observing the annual exercise of the sun, recognizing the changing rules of seasons, climate and phenology in a year. The sun will Chinese anniversary trajectory is divided into 24 equal parts, each part as a "solar term", referred to as "the twenty-four solar term". Including: spring, rain, insects, spring equinox, Qingming, Gu Yu, summer, summer solstice, grain, grain in ear, slight heat, great heat, autumn, Chushu, autumnal equinox, dew, dew, frost, winter, snow, snow, winter, cold, cold. "Twenty-four throttle" guides the traditional agricultural production and daily life, which is an important part of the traditional Chinese calendar system and its related practice activities. In the international meteorological field, this time cognitive system is known as the "fifth great inventions of China". In 2006, the "twenty-four solar term" was included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list of representative projects; 2011, Spring Festival, spring class Jiuhua agriculture, Shiqian said the spring extension list was included in the heritage project; in 2014, three, extension list offering winter Frostfell Zhuang, Miao Ganqiu, Anren branch cast to be included in the heritage project.

Twenty-four throttle diagram


The Chinese government delegation often said that the "twenty-four solar term" was selected as the representative list, is recognized by UNESCO to teach the heritage project helps to improve the overall awareness of the intangible cultural heritage and the importance of protection, but also reflects the international society for the protection of traditional knowledge and practice of intangible cultural the integration of culture heritage and sustainable development of society, economy and environment seriously. However, the inheritance and protection of "twenty-four throttle" still has a long way to go. We will take this as a new starting point, according to the protection plan has been formulated, and related communities, groups and individuals to actively implement a series of protective measures, earnestly fulfill their obligations and responsibilities, let more countries, communities, groups and individuals to recognize and understand the "twenty-four solar term" the knowledge system and its practice. And create conditions to ensure that relevant communities and groups play an important role in the protection, and to attract more young people to join the inheritance and protection of the ranks to stimulate their enthusiasm and initiative, so that the "twenty-four solar term" this important cultural heritage full of new vitality in the contemporary social and cultural life.

To ensure that the "twenty-four solar term" existence and succession, the direct leadership of the Ministry of culture Intangible Cultural Heritage Department, by Chinese intangible cultural heritage protection center as the coordination unit, China Agricultural Museum as the lead unit, collaborative communities and groups established in May 2014 twenty-four solar term protection working group, jointly formulated "the twenty-four solar term five years protection plan (2017 - 2021)", and jointly agreed mutual responsibilities and obligations. Henan province Dengfeng City Cultural Center, Neixiang County Museum, Hunan province Anren County Museum (intangible cultural heritage protection center), Huayuan County Heritage Protection Center, three Hangzhou county city of Zhejiang province Gongshu District intangible cultural heritage protection center, Kecheng District of Quzhou City Jiuhua Miao source village committee, Suichang County Heritage Protection Center, Ting Pang Zhen Yang village the village committee, Guizhou province Shiqian County Museum, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Tiandeng County Museum and other cultural communities, will build and rely on the twenty-four solar term teaching base, combined with the regional characteristics of the ritual practice and folk life, the development of related research, inheritance and promotion activities, the traditional knowledge system can survive. To Chinese Agricultural Museum and China folklore society as the representative of the community groups engaged in "twenty-four solar term" literature, traditional knowledge and folk practice preservation and research work, to provide intellectual support for the protection of the heritage project, are responsible for the collection, collection, exhibition and research, publicity and promotion work, undertake professional institutions and professional society responsibility.

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