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At hubushan in issued a hero

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This fall, the big tree ginkgo tree brush at hubushan in erect like a burst of Xuzhou circle of friends.

                                                                                                           Photographer: Wang Daqing

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  Good things, people never hesitate to praise.


At hubushan in scenic spots from the nest, Hui Long Xi Ma Tai, ancient houses, located in the core area at hubushan in historical and cultural blocks, is to build the Yunlong District new city name card, the historical and cultural heritage, Wuhua Tianbao, outstanding people, is the people of Xuzhou in the eyes of the history of the mountain, cultural city, commercial street, happiness.

Now, we ask all photography enthusiasts a collection of works, it works to reflect at hubushan in deep historical culture, reflects the new era at hubushan in spirit, see this picture, remember Xuzhou, hook up nostalgia, make us Xuzhou people no matter how far, see the picture. You can think of at hubushan in, think of hometown.

At hubushan in historical and cultural blocks photography contest outline

Organizer: at hubushan in historic buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasty Protection Center

Content: all content at hubushan in historical and cultural blocks.

Time: December 1, 2017 --2018 November 30th

Reward: four stages of spring, summer, autumn and winter, each period selected a masterpiece, 2000 yuan for RMB, 20 outstanding awards, and 100 yuan. A special prize was awarded throughout the year to reward RMB 10000 yuan.

Contribution method: add WeChat 18951358020 to contribute, note: photographer + shooting time + location + contact phone, pay attention to the results of the public number.

  All works please retention papers, and won the Excellence Award above works, copyright at hubushan in historical and cultural blocks protection center, all buildings of Ming and Qing dynasty. The author enjoys the right to name and freely use his own works. The contest in the interpretation of historical and cultural blocks at hubushan in Ming and Qing architecture protection center.

   The first phase of the competition has begun, from December 1, 2017 to February 28, 2018. No separate reception at hubushan in charge attractions photography enthusiasts, the photography association can be members of the collective activities, through the pre contact to confirm the shooting time.

Master, please accept this hero, to show at hubushan in art.