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Xuzhou scenic area at hubushan in ancient dwellings of senior etiquette training teaching!!

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In December 5, 2016, Xuzhou city at hubushan in historic buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasty with the nature of ancient dwellings Protection Center scenic requirements, we have invited to Han culture area of women's Federation, Ministry of human resources and social security, the United States Senior etiquette Teacher Certification Association ACI registered senior international etiquette trainer Li Qian, the reception etiquette professional training for my unit.

From the most basic social etiquette, Miss Li has detailed and meticulous narrated the correct posture from sitting posture to the proper use of smiling eyes, and finally the importance of personal clothing, hairstyle and appearance.

Through the system of learning, let us deeply understand that social etiquette is a silent language of interpersonal communication. It can not only reflect a person's level of self-cultivation, education and quality, but also our need for personal development and career progress, and is the needs of the social era. In particular, our tourism industry practitioners and instructors are especially important to truly achieve the "three" to "three" service, visitors to the smile that honorific to; to greetings, ask answer, goodbye, warm and polite, smiling service!

If everyone of us can start from me, start from now on, learn etiquette, set up a good image and set up a good unit image, our life will be rich and colorful, our society will be more warm and harmonious.

Thanks to teacher Li Qian's careful teaching, let each of us benefit a lot.

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