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Xiang Yin Yi Fan, by virtue of the text and immortal

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    Cao Pi of the three countries in the "Code of the paper" in the words: "cover article, the great cause of the country, immortal event." All mortal beings are historical passers-by, the only text can be forever. The following introduction Xuzhou existing rural Yin collection, although not by the country the height of the world, but it is a section of the precious old time freeze. These years after the panning survived precious ancient books, punctuation mark behind, a bit rural Yin Ru focus, quiet scholarship and pure feelings, can feel.

    "Mr. Zhu Baishi stone", a wanderer of the truth

    Xuzhou scholar, ancient Pei Zhu honorary president of the study of several years ago, read from others, "Mr. Zhu Baishi manuscript", put it down, then possession of this change for the transcripts, then check the "Zhu genealogy" and do not know Why is Mr. Baishi?

This summer, by Xue Wei check, "Xuzhou House Chi" volume nineteen recorded Zhu Mai "worship stone hall manuscript", and on the map of Tibetan "Anthology of Anthology" detailed comparison, confirm Zhu Baishi Zhu Mai, Years of birth and death for the 1656-1725 years, the word spin Kyrgyzstan, Xuan Ji, No. Plowing stone, worship stone.

    Zhu Ma retired, life drink addiction hi, good is a poem, taste the door with the official travel more than ten years, poetry benefits workers. "Zhu Baishi stone manuscript" more about Xuzhou attractions, such as Peng Zujing, drawing sword spring, yellow building, swallow floor, hanging jiantai, opera stage, song wind station, put crane, Huang Mao, , Wang Ling Mu tomb, Fan Zeng tomb, also tour the screen for recollections, footprints far from the cloud, your Jing, Hunan, Sichuan, Jiangxi, Qin, Shanxi and Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan, Anhui, Mount Huashan Five of the Buddhas, the concept of the qiantang tide, reward Wu door of the King, all to have poems. Friends of current affairs, chanting when the sense of things, are feeling and hair, really sincere.

    "A willow cottage poem manuscript", photocopying publishing comfort sages

     Xinyi for the liberation of the newly established, the area of ancient literature is difficult to define, in particular the historical and cultural celebrities attribution, often with the surrounding counties dispute, to bring a lot of confusion to the history of researchers. Zang is Xinyi Yao Wan's surname, the original Xinyi City Library, museum director Zang Gongheng enthusiastically introduced the Yaowan celebrities Zang Zengqing and his manuscript, "a willow cottage poetry manuscript," the ins and outs.

    Zang Zengqing (1865-1933), the word snow floor, word Yiqiu, Xinyi Yao Wan (Qing is Suqian County) people. Thirty-three years Guangxu granted the main postal department, the Ministry of Railways principal rotation, and Suqian Zhongwu College director and other staff. In the early years of the Republic of China, should be the guardian of the Wannan Ma Union invited as a guest, the Republic of China eleven years (1922) as the Anhui administrative office secretary-general. Achieve themselves retire, go in seclusion, poetry and painting to entertain. Calligraphy melting Yanliu in a furnace, show Jun bold, ink pen bamboo, fresh Qinglang. Works rich, due to frequent wars, mostly lost.

    Zang Zengqing later hand set "a willow cottage poetry manuscript" (manuscript), for fear of loss, and please copy into four copies, first by the Sun Zang Kun preserved, "Cultural Revolution" Zang Kun transferred to save her sister Zang Yaofu. In 1990, Zang brother and sister according to the copy of photocopying published in 2012, Zang's descendants Zang Huiqian and "a willow cottage poetry painting and calligraphy collection" two volumes, with Huai ancestors, also for local history.

    Is the book can not only understand the Zang family and personal life, traces, friendships and ideas, but also to understand the history of Jiangsu and Anhui provinces and important cultural literature. The same as the poet Zang Gongheng teacher from the "one willow cottage poetry manuscripts" to read Mr. Xue Louxu Xu cut out the meat pro-record, was moved, has specialized in the interpretation of the text, published in local newspapers.

    "Complete Works of fasting", Zhuang son and his son relay story

    "Complete Works" is Xuzhou Xin Hai Chester Zhou Xiangjun's legacy. Zhou Xiangjun (1870-1914), No. Fengshan, who suffered from Shen, medical rehabilitation, so since the number rebirth. At the end of the Qing Dynasty Suigong Health, Jiangsu Suining Fengshan people. During the Revolution of 1911, Liu Yazi and others created the "Southern Society", in 1914 May by Xuzhou Zhang Xun to "chaos" charges of arrest and killing.

    After the sacrifice, Zhou Shengjun's eldest son Zhou Gongquan (Zhou Bo) redeemed himself from the prison after paying a large sum of money, and then he was entrusted by the three sons Zhou Duanluan (Yang Ji) to reorganize, transcribe and collate with the village duanfu. Three years (1944) printed.

     Zhuang Duanfu was born in 1908 in Suining County, Jiangsu Province, northwest of the village of Shixia Wei (this is a city of Pizhou), 1929 by the industry in Wang Xueqiao private school. In 1934 in the village founded Shixia primary school, president. In 1945, Xuzhou librarian, died in 1950.

     Because of the reasons involved in the collation, Zhuang Duanfu home there are two sets of "rehabilitation", after a complete set missing. In order to make this valuable collection have a better destination, his son Zhuangnongnong last month, the father of the remains of the "rehabilitation of the Complete Works" free donated to the Xuzhou Archives. Before the donation, he also at their own expense to copy, a page of pages off the number of binding sets, distributed to the Xuzhou literary history, poetry community old friend Li Hongmin, Wang Daqin Zhu study to Akira its function. Father and son relay relay, it is moving.

    "Mencius", the survival of Xuzhou scholar achievement

     In sixteen years of the Republic of China (1927) "stove Xue Lu lectures Mencius article" manuscript for Wang Xuequn Sun Wang Ruqun possession.

     Wang Xueqiao (1881-1949), the name of Kaifu, Xuzhou north of the city of Xue Bridge (this is pick up Tuen), the early doctoral disciples were granted. After the abolition of the imperial examination, not into the new school, speech is still ancient, and Xu Yang Yi, Han Xi-chip and said the Republic of Xuzhou Guoxue three people, who has compiled the fifteen years of "Tongshan County".

    "Zuo Xue Lu School of Mencius Piece of meaning" covers Su Zhichun title "stove snow house lectures Mencius article meaning". Is the book respected Dong Zhongshu "" Spring and Autumn "for the Benevolent Law", that: "Mencius said that the meaning of righteousness, the study of the" Analects of Confucius "and" Spring and Autumn Period. "End of Mencius" .

    "Stove Xue Lu handouts Mencius chapter" manuscripts of heaven and earth feet are supplemented, neat fonts, which shows the diligent of diligent, scholarship of the Shen. From his disciples Zhuang Duanfu and mentor correspondence, but also can feel its arduous section, awe-inspiring.

     Zhuang Duanfu because of changing times and family reasons, failed to continue their studies, his manuscripts everywhere can be seen on the teacher's respect and admiration.

     In 1949 and 1950, Wang Xueqiao, Zhuang Duanfu two teachers and students have passed away. In the summer of 2016, the author gave a copy of the Complete Works of Geng Shengzhai, the son of Chuang Duanfu's son, to Wang Daqin, a scholar of literature and history, and Wang Zhaoyi's writing of Mencius.

     Think of Zhuang Duanfu in 1933 to Xue Qiao's letter has said, "" Mencius "has been printed on the smell, printed on the unknown, on behalf of the King to stay on behalf of one, no sense of prayer," can not help feeling. According to the descendants of the royal family, "Zuo Xuelu lectures Mencius article meaning" is not officially published, and I sent to Zhuang Duanfu school printed book to his son's friends and see him without the book, this chance, somewhere In the inevitable?

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