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People repair spectrum dispatch, record family culture context

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Tongshan Zhang letter and

"Mr. Qing Yi spectrum draft", Jiangsu Normal University Library

Peixian Qianlong version of "Liu genealogy"

Feng County Yongzheng version of "Lee's genealogy"

Peixian Library Genealogy Showroom

Fengxian County history office director Gao Changzhong

Vice President of Suining Branch of Liao Junling, Research Institute of Genealogy


    Genealogy is an important document of blood recognition of family members. Although family history is recorded, it can reflect the history of national society as a whole, and is more personal and civilians than local records. As a tributary of a historiography literature, the family private genealogy has been paid more and more attention.

    In Xuzhou, many famous families are carrying out the revision of the new genealogy, refinement of their cultural celebrity information, and the field with the support of the same spectrum, correction of the spectrum before the error, continued by family members information, family talent Its ability.

    The first year of the Xuzhou Genealogy Culture Research Association has been set up in the county branch, held in the first half of the Pizhou, Peixian, Fengxian, Suining, Xinyi and other counties "traditional home training calligraphy exhibition", promote the genealogy The traditional family training to improve the positive energy, in the public to strengthen the family harmony, the concept of filial respect, to promote the value of old literature, many primary and secondary students by watching the old version of genealogy, home calligraphy, deepened the Chinese culture Of cognition.

    Xuzhou academic use of genealogy literature results are increasingly fruitful. The end of 2014, Jiangsu Normal University Professor Chen Yenbin declaration of the National Social Science Fund, a major tender, "Chinese traditional family training documentary data and excellent family style research" was approved.

    In December 2015, Jiangsu Normal University Ethics and Moral Education Research Center and Xuzhou City Women's Federation jointly established the "Family Family Style Construction Research Base", focus on doing family, family traditions, tutoring and other theoretical research and top-level design.

    Xu Weiyi, associate professor of Xuzhou Institute of Technology, used the information of family biography, description of epitaphs, epitaphs and arts and literatures in the search of the old spectrum, and added hundreds of Xuzhou bibliographies in the work of Xuzhou Art Wenzhi. A direct reflection of the Xuzhou region of a dynasty, the cultural status of certain families.

    Genealogical literature, is increasingly acting on contemporary life.

    Genealogy in the family tree, can not be ignored local cultural history

    Since the initiation of the "Jiangsu Wenmai Arrangement and Research Project", there are many ancient genealogies in Xuzhou, which are found in many biographies and biographies in Xuzhou, which is a great achievement of local literature and history research.

    Xuzhou Oriental Literature Collection Research Center Wang Xuanrui collection of the Republic of China for 19 years (1930) lithographs "Chen's genealogy", the spectrum contains a complete collection of the Qing Dynasty Suining Chen Kui light book "Yong Yong". Chen Kui-kuang (1778-1849), the word accounted Yuan, Yixiang students, study hard, have the world of science, set teaching only, charity. According to the "manuscript" published in the "Sui Yi Xixiang Chen genealogy · Arts", "University Bible" ten chapters, "the doctrine of the mean" 30 chapters, ease the brief, many inventions.

   River head Zhang is Xuzhou famous cultural home, in March 2013 the author had "Pengcheng River head Zhang cultural background" as the title has been reported. Zhang clan Zhang Xin and introduced the "Qing Yi President of the draft" on the family literature achievements.

Mr. Qing Yi Zhang Xiangxian, the late Qing Dynasty Tongshan people, childhood death of his father, the mother to filial piety, teaching for the industry, concerned about rural affairs. "Qing Yi," not only recorded the lineage branch lineage, and almost everyone has a pass, it is particularly important is a collection of a large number of family members of art and text collection, both poetry, but also entertainment, also appendix Singing and poetry, family culture is an important study of literature, is the preservation of Xuzhou area family literature model.

   Step search for old footsteps, so that the new spectrum is more tricky

   History, Fang Zhi and genealogy, constitute the three pillars of Chinese history, although some ancestors in the family traced back, many have surnames surnamed emperors will celebrate the situation with your descent, then the family tree in the line, biography, epitaph, to provide The more detailed the story of the tribe, a large degree of credibility. Excellent new spectrum, mostly copied on the old spectrum of the content, the continuation of family history, such as the Xinyi archives collection of the new repair, "Chao family tree", directly to the important biography copy of the foreword included, historical value is high.

   Xuzhou champion Li Pan family has preserved the Yongzheng five years (1727) of the old spectrum, the spectrum included in the Li Pan, "Lee Lee's ancestor of the seven cemetery table" three hundred years after the Lee clan source. In the winter of 2000, seven tombs were excavated under the base of the Li clan. After that, Li Hongmin, president of the Xuzhou Historical Society, proposed the construction of the "Beieruan Beiting Pavilion", which added an important cultural landscape to Huangxian.

   In the Peixian Liu Hall, descendants of the Han emperor Liu Bang, Pei County Chinese Culture Research Association Liu Shao-ru, Liu Fang-ping display Qianlong, Guangxu, the three versions of the Liu genealogy. Liu Shao-ru on the culture of Liu, Liu's family's contribution to the local history and culture is very familiar. He said that these are the ancestors left the spiritual wealth, research and dissemination is the responsibility of future generations.

Guardian of these local treasure trove of literature, they said very pleased

   As the genealogy of privacy and the number of rare print, with the changing times, social unrest, family migration, the spread of the old spectrum is very limited, collection and research genealogy, to become committed to Shi Zhi cultural workers shoulder the important task.

   Peixian Library's old museum dedicated to the provision of genealogy showroom, showcase hundreds of Pei family tree, is a glorious family show for scholar research provides a rare information, also led to more family consciously the family Genealogy Donation Collection. Ma Pei silver curator said, derived from the genealogy of the local cultural research results are also many, in Peitu there is a Xiangxian works exhibition room, together with the genealogy hall, a reader intuitive understanding of Peixian human history window.

   Fengxian County Archives, Fengxian Shi Zhi Office of the collection and research of local genealogy also walk in the forefront. Director Gao Changzhong history research Fengxian history of more than thirty years, without fear of winter heat, search for old books in the countryside, add the history of the Que.

   Xuzhou City Genealogy Culture Research Association Suining branch vice president Lu Junling is not only Lu culture research experts, and collected tens of Suining new and old genealogy, from which there have been found. With the aid of Tibetan experience he wrote a decade ago, "Suining words." He said, "I am the hometown of a mountain of water, grass and trees are full of feelings, the most attractive things Suining show, is my greatest comfort.

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