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Collection of Jane books, retained Pengmen human style

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Song engraved version of the "Four Books", Suzhou City, library collection

Pizhou poet Zhang Wen alcohol poetry collection, Pizhou City Library

Speech set, Peixian archives

"Xuzhou City, the first national moveable cultural relics survey Lan Zhen"

"Jiangsu Province since the Ming and Qing Dynasties file selection Xuzhou volume"

"Xuzhou City Library precious ancient catalog"


   Eight hundred years old Song engraved book stunning appearance

    A city, due to written records and permanent fresh, ancient books is carrying these words through time and space messenger, spread civilization, transmission of knowledge, history.

    Xuzhou for the ancient and modern resort, ancient sages created numerous Hongwen masterpiece, interpretation of the book, engraved books, books of the humanities story. Xuzhou, although due to ancient flooding, ancient literature great damage, but in Xuzhou City and their respective cities and counties at all levels of libraries, museums, archives and the map, map, map and other public libraries, still retain many cultural relics Value, academic value, artistic value of Xuzhou people to write or write Xuzhou ancient books, from different angles, reflecting the historical situation in Xuzhou, social outlook, the local customs.

    April 18, 2013, the National Center for the protection of ancient books held a press conference, the official publication of the important discoveries of ancient books census. Among them, the Xuzhou City Library reported the Song edition of the "four book chapters set note" 28 volumes and the Western Han Dynasty bamboo slips were included in the "national precious ancient books" 14 important findings.

    Xuzhou City Library, the predecessor of the Tongshan Public Library in 1929, is the collection of nearly 100,000 books (pieces), since 2007 to carry out national census since ancient books, including 25 5212 collection of ancient books selected "national precious ancient books Directory. " Li Zhizhong, expert of the National Center for the Protection of Ancient Books, once lamented: "A prefecture - level city library on the northernmost edge of Jiangsu Province has so many valuable books that it is numbered in the whole country.

    Qing Yong Zhengnian engraved "the integration of ancient and modern books," Xuzhou City Library is another treasure of the town hall. "Book integration" The book has a total of 10040 volumes, for the Yongzheng four years (1726) Hanlin Academy cabinet Jiang Tingxi total compile, copper movable type printing, printing a total of 64, plus a sample, a total of 65, Are scarce. "China Rare Books" records only six domestic library collections. 2012 national census in the country, the domestic library and found three.

Wood carving version, a heavy commemoration

    Since the Song Dynasty to improve the printing, bookstore book by the official carved into the rapid development of civil society. Ming Dynasty, engraving printed books appeared in a prosperous situation. Some scholars are proud to engraved books, and some collecting ancient books of the secret, the school engraved line of the world to show their liberal arts; some prints carved set, to promote Jude, to show the door brother noble.

    According to the ancient Chinese edition engraved dictionaries, the Ming Dynasty Pengcheng troops Ma Tun, Chenghua seven years (1471) Xinmao Keju, who has privately repair Hongzhi seven years (1494) engraved "rebuilt Xuzhou" ten volumes, imitation " System classification, care engraved engraving engraving printing.

Xuzhou Museum in the Treasury, there are two heavy bookcase, which is 118 "raising room set" of the engraving, in 1955 Wang Zhao donated.

    "Raising the real room set," the author Wang Jia 诜 (1861-1920), the word Shao Yi, the first home in Shanxi Wenxi County, after the trade moved to Xuzhou, was Tongshan people. Since childhood smart, ten-year-old to poetry, the elders were shocked. Seven times to participate in the provincial examination is not, so indifferent career, devote themselves to research. He studied at the Yunlong Academy, longer than the ancient dictionaries and Li Chao body, known as "Jiangbei first scholar." For the good of the people, disaster relief will help, has received then, one in good faith. His book "raising real room set" where the 9 volumes, the book involves a large number of Xuzhou characters, historical events, can be funded local literature and history.

    On Zhang Kai 's Ci Poetry Collections Collected by

    City Museum of the many ancient books, the Qing Emperor Kangxi years "root um collection" for the isolated, the world only see.

    Xuzhou champion Li Pan (1656-1729), the word Xian Li, and the word root Um, left "chance set" and "root um collection." "Accidental set" has been lost, the upper and lower two volumes of "root um collection" for the second son Zhang Kaifeng donated Zhang Boying.

    Zhang Boying is a famous collector, the possession of ancient rubbings, four treasures of the abundance. According to Li Yinde recalls the article, in 1952, Zhang Kai-ci from Beijing to Xu, the majority of cultural relics back, and all of its free donations to the Xuzhou Municipal People's Government, many have become important collections of Xuzhou Museum. In addition to Li Pan's "root um collection", as well as the late Ming Wanshou Qi's "escape Zhuzhu singing and collection of books", there are Wanshou Qi book from the lyrics 12, He Jian 12 poems, by Zhang Kaici great-grandfather Zhang collection . This precious cultural relics, only in the Zhang on the four generations. Zhang family protection of the ancient state of the country, Huibi do not think the private virtues, has been impressive.

    Nine years ago the speech set to restore the cultural event

    Peixian Archives has a small book in 1920 - "Xuzhou Chinese and foreign celebrities speech set", in 2013 was included in the Xuzhou City precious file directory. Reading this small book, a 90-year-old educational event in Xuzhou vividly reproduced in the text.

    In June 1920, at the invitation of Xuzhou academic circles, the famous American educator Dewey came to Xuzhou to give a lecture entitled "New Trend of Education". Speech, Dewey from the world situation and the country's economy, emphasizing the school to liberate the minds of young people, so that freedom, we should focus on cultivating students' spirit of self-help and spirit.

    Along with Dr. Dewey to Xu lecture there are modern philosopher Liu Boming, child educator Chen Heqin, women activist Zhang Mojun, the founder of modern vocational education Huang Yanpei and so on. They were from the new trend of education, the meaning of the new culture movement and other aspects of the national education at that time the new trend and significance, the content of the speech novel, wonderful language, the participants reacted strongly.

After the meeting, Tongshan County counseling school and Tongshan Education will be a special speech content compiled into a book.

    Knowledge link: ancient books, rare books

    Ancient books, ancient books of elegance, refers to the use of modern printing technology is not printed books. The time limit is generally designated by the end of the Qing Dynasty (1911). The traditional classification of Chinese ancient classics adopts the four categories of classics, classics, history,

    Qing Dynasty Zhang Zhidong "Xuan language", said: "There are three rare meaning: a full, no Que volume, not deleted; two fine, a fine school, a fine note; three old, one old carved, one old copy."

    Hong Zhan Hou in the "new Chinese literature", "the rare standard, whether it can be summarized as the following four:

   (A) of the old, the oldest of the closest to the original appearance, because it is neither as a result of overturning Erzhi, has not occurred misunderstanding or correction, the lower limit to be set in the Qing Emperor Qianlong sixty years (1795) is appropriate.

   (B) of the fine school, fine school fine books should be the most can be based on the book.

   (C) fine engraving, a variety of ancient books can reflect the technical level of the book.

   (D) rare this, a variety of rare spread of the book, such as banned books, rare this, domestic and other isolated. "

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