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August 5, 2016 Pengcheng Evening News series reported that "the Department of the Ministry of Hill courtyard courtyard Cui flagpole past: a brick and tile also heaven and earth"

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    Department of the highest level of the courtyard of the mountain one of the former residence of Cui Tao in civil, also known as "Choi flagpole." In 2001, the Cui Family Courtyard repair and reconstruction project, found in the Qing Jiaqing thirteen years (1808) party "forever show ban" monument: "Jun city monuments, where the feng shui, are not allowed nearby residents unauthorized demolition. The old section of Yu Ling, the right section, Zuo Li, the pheasant four doors, after rehabilitation, should be still the old system of protection, especially to produce a prohibition, so that the nearby residents and rural insurance people know. This monument tells people a lot of old things.

    Cui's family background

    Xuzhou Hutushan Cui Family Courtyard is divided into upper and lower houses, commonly known as Hanlin House. I live in the Ministry of Shanxi, Cui family compound before and after repair, multiple access, witnessed the Hanlin House changes.

    Cui Family Courtyard on the history of moving Xu, and now many people to carry out research. According to Xuzhou Cui's genealogy records, Cui's ancestral home in Shandong Puzhou (now Juancheng), Ming Jiajing thirty-six years (1557) ancestors Hanlin Cuihai due to dissatisfaction with the government, the rate of people moved to Tongshan County Lvliangcheng Head Village (now Tongshan County Zhang set of the first village). "Seventh-generation Xiu public, tribute students, twenty years of Qianlong, Suzhou judge judge, Qing Emperor Qianlong reign Hsu Department of Mountain" (Cui's genealogy).

    According to Professor Cui Baoguo Tsinghua University study, Henan Wen County Cui out of the official. Wen County Cui and Gongyi Xiaoyi Town, Baisha Village Cui is an ancestor Cui Siyi Ming Hongwu four years from Shanxi Changning County Xingning Village moved. Baisha village hall hall as "Tongzhi Jia Xu (1874) in March Pengcheng Cui Tinggui Gong Jian", writing "read Zizhu early" wooden plaque is still hanging. (Cui's network) This means that Cui moved from Shanxi.

    Luliang Town Village, in the southeast of Xuzhou, former is a wilderness, sparsely populated, the right to avoid shelter. Now it is a beautiful village. Mr. Yang Chunru had to follow Cui Family Courtyard, looking for the first village. See the five or six hundred families of the village, the village looks fresh, simple folk customs. Not only more than half of Cui, the old house in front of the flagpole stone. But also in the mountain slopes actually Cui's ancestral hall, the ruins of the arch, when the pine and cypress sun, spring Chung-ching. In 1938, after the fall of Xuzhou, the Japanese were barbarous cutting. Now the trees, it is planted in recent years, Cui's descendants. Cui surname here, said Cui Zan is their ancestor, and Cui Zan tombstone. Can be found, Luliang City, the first village, is Cui's Zhao base.

    Cui door in front of double flagpole

    Cui family compound repair, in front of two tall flagpoles erected. This flagpole is not free to stand, nor is the money can stand, in China, in front of the erect flagpoles, is a symbol of fame, so the flagpole is also known as the fame flagpole. Someone in the imperial examinations in the fame, the erection of flagpoles in front of the ancestral hall, one that the household obtained a certain degree of fame, flagpole is a sign, a glory, a social status, admired. Xuzhou around the county, there are many "flagpole village", that is, a household in front of the village flagpoles, as the village's glory.

    Xuzhou Cui's generation of scholarly, poetic people, a peak, Ming and Qing dynasties, a total of two Hanlin, five Jinshi, as many as 13 officials. The general population tribute students can stand flagpoles, Cui flagpole is Hanlin flagpole, double Hanlin double flagpoles, specifications are high. This double Hanlin, one of the Ming Dynasty Jiajing Cui Hai, one of the Qing dynasty Daoguang Cui Tao.

    After the migration of Xuzhou, Cui to Daoguangnian Cui Xin, Cui Tao brothers the two most famous. Cui Xin to Guangdong Gaozhou Tongzheng any increase, or Guangzhou, with the knowledge, after the father of the disease is an important reason to return home. The second son of Cui Tao for the Qing Dynasty nine years (1829) Scholars, into the Imperial Academy, was appointed as Shu Ji Shi, Henan province Xu Zhixian, Yuzhou know the state, Zhengzhou state, Huaiqing prefect office, Disaster relief, by the people love, Xianfeng four years (1854) died in office.

    Xuzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture Xia Kai Chen, Liu Yuzhi told me, erected Cui family before the courtyard of the flagpole, is not easy, one species of wood is better, strong and durable, the second is to reach a height of 20 meters. Flagpole erected, the top of the flagpole for the silver flagpole cap, popular that the above bucket, meaning different. There are information that if the jinshi origin of the flagpole half will do two bucket, lifts do a bucket, tribute students did not fight. Xuzhou Cui family flagpole is two bucket. What is stored in the bucket? To lay grain, to pray for bumper harvest, family prosperity. Suspension of the three halberd flags, hanging on top of the "Cui" word banner, the back is the emperor commended Cui's family edict. When the flagpole, is a grand wedding, held a great show, to Phi Hung hanging color, firecrackers, please play suona classes, banquets local officials, teachers, seniors, relatives and friends and so on.

    Cui Tao and teacher

    Cui Tao's teacher is Xuzhou Yaowan Wang Tingzhen, Wang Tingzhen now Xinyi City Yaowan town earth village, was born in Qianlong, was more than 90 years old and died. Cui Tao is the pride of Wang Tingzhen students. In Cui Tao wrote to the inscription, said:

    Mr. Yushan Wang Wugong, taboo Tingzhen, the old tribute students, celebrities also. Works of poetry, especially long seven words, the ... ... hundreds of poems, Tao Ren Henan Prefecture has been published when the line world. ... ... As early as the line to teach the West (referring to Xuzhou), Shou-year tour from the President. Profits from the lectures, fortunately pull down Wei Branch, Mr. Lai is the power of many. In his later years, three times to teach the town of Chongde Weir town, so far the scholars of the East are said: If the character of the high, the pure knowledge, whether Yin or not know.

    Wang Tingzhen joint teacher: Ten set of pro-Cheng Shih Zhang paternity court curtains, such as the extraordinary said disciples; once the tactic of thinking and thinking of the road from where Mr. cried.

    Xuzhou scholar Xu Jianguo analysis, "inscription" records Cui Tao's number of information: Cui Tao 17-year-old under the tutelage of Wang Tingzhen. In the disciples of Wang Tingzhen, only Cui Tao "fortunately pull Wei Branch", Gu Yue "extraordinary."

    Xu Jianguo said, Wang Tingzhen's poetry collection in Henan Cui Tao, has been Cui Tao, "print engraved line of the world" for the respect for teachers. Wang Tingzhen "early years" coaching Xuzhou, Cui Tao Shi Wang Tingzhen from the age of 17, Meng Wang Tingzhen "Ten set of pro-paternity", so Cui Tao in the examination when 27 years old, when the light for nine years (1829). In fact, there is a message, that is, Cui Tao, "G Yin Yin summer into the lecture, Xie students drink" in a sentence: "Hongxuan Feng move want to elegant, thirty-load to follow the win-win situation. Shan good record Yan with research. "Hong Xuan" "Pan water" "Yunshan", you can infer Wang Tingzhen coaching Xuzhou, should be in Yunlong College.

    These materials are from Mr. Lu Baolun "Xuzhou Ming and Qing education", "I and the school seventy years", the two books Mr. Lu Baolun have seen gifts. I have consulted him on the Yunlong College information, talked about Cui Tao, Lu Baolun had this speculation, and told me that Cui Tao is a studious model, respect for teachers, is a model, so will Cui Tao.

    Each brick carving should be protected

    More than 10 years ago, in the Cui Family Courtyard has not been restored, accompanied by my colleagues Cui Xiangying, walked into the Cui Family Courtyard, visited Cui's descendants Cui Xiangmu. At that time, the hospital many ruins, roof collapse, beam rafters exposed, brackets fall off, urgent repair. Only Cuijia living courtyard, Guapeng shade, tree clusters. Mr. Cui Xiangmu introduced the heyday of Cui Jiahan forest floor plan, showing his collection of carved dragons and other old Cuijia screen. Cui Xiangmu tells a lot of stories, revealing the fate of the ancestors worried about the memory of their ancestors, talked about how to protect and retain the Cui Family Courtyard each house, each compound, or even the efforts of each item.

    In the corridor, under the eaves, there are a pile of building components, including brick, Tongwa, base stone, there are some house on the mountain brick, incomplete stone. I said these things in the future home repair can also use it? Mr. Cui said that some can be used, and some can be used as an example of replication to see what the original material, what process, there is a reference value. He said he was free to turn in the yard and found what old things are picked up one by one, these are left behind by our ancestors, ah, are sweat of their predecessors, are heritage, that can not be thrown away.

    Cui Xiangmu them unforgettable, in 1999, the demolition of the day, especially late at night, several times with the theft of dialogue and advice. At that time, a few thieves were holding a torch, holding a hammer, crowbar, beat in the old house, do not pry some wood carving works of art. Cui Xiangmu they thieves propaganda: "Do not smash, do not pry, that is artifacts." Cried and shouted, persuade and persuade, thieves do not listen, but intimidated, said: "Do not cry, and then call you killed." Threatening, and even lethal weapons, they bravely stand upright, risking their lives, risking their lives, repulsed the thieves, as much as possible to protect the experience of hundreds of years Cui Family Courtyard heritage, this is the Ministry of Hill other compound In the never had the experience. This is Cui surname people guarding the glory of their ancestors, but also the contribution of state-level cultural relics protection.

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