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August 5, 2016 Pengcheng Evening News series reported that "I and the Ministry of Mountain memories - inextricably linked to the Department of Mountain"

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 Text|Zhou Yuru



    I was a kid who lives in the South Street, enlightened street, after moving to Kui Dong Lane, the two and the Ministry of the mountain are less than kilometers away. Combing decades of fragmented memory, I found it and as much as possible inextricably linked.

    On the north side of Hakusho is Maashi Street. This street in addition to primary schools, hospitals and baths, the business daily necessities, stationery paper, cotton yarn shop one by one, the most west is the home dye paint shop, I went to buy a few dyes, the mother used it to boil white cloth Blue or purple clothes.

    Ma Street, the most Tung Tau North Road, a well-known 饣 it Tangguodian, rolling out the soup can be cooked raw eggs cooked, the store where a few square table, surrounded by scattered square stool or bench to come here to eat breakfast Of the people sitting around the table, drink it soup, eat Jian Bao, the table has a free soy sauce vinegar, you can own seasoning. I sometimes carry the box to the soup to buy it home to buy baked steamed bun to eat.

    饣 it soup pot on the street there is a leased villain bookstall, it was my childhood paradise. Two can be opened and closed bookshelf against the wall, shelves tied to a hemp rope tied to the root, stopped a princess comic book, and some books written on: "good by good also, and then by not difficult, , And then take all difficulties. " Bookshelf before a slip of a small stool, it is the children reading the "elegant", a lot of comic books, "Zoya and Shula" "Ji Maoxin" "Dream of Red Mansions" "Three Kingdoms" "Fifteen consistent" Long find the father in mind, "a thin penny of two, thick penny of a, then the school early, less homework, the mother found me here, he said:" What time? ? "

    My mother unit designated hospital is Yunlong Hospital, in the middle of Ma Street. Because the mother is not good, so I often patronize here. Registration fee, the newly diagnosed corner, referral five points. After reading the disease, the medical records to stay in the hospital, referral registration number according to the patient from the medical history frame out. At that time, the doctor-patient relationship was harmonious, and the patient was particularly respectful of the doctor. My mother would buy some fish for the doctor and the nurse in the fish shop he worked for. Now the hospital door has been changed in the founding of the road, sit south, north face jackets, linked to the brand is Yunlong community health service center.

    Department of the mountain east of Sanmin Street. This is a bustling commercial street, a narrow street with stone paved, shops everywhere, sauce garden shop, aquatic shop, cooked food shop, old salt shop, tea shop, grocery store, the southern tip of the small cloth city. At the northern end of the Sanmin Street, there was a family-friendly restaurant, which was provided by my grandfather earlier in the day. In the evening, I took a one-meter-long bamboo pole and led my blind grandfather to Hui Le Spring Hotel Chicken money, Hui Lok Chun boss white fat, and gas and trustworthy, never let us empty-handed.

    My mother's unit is Sanmin Street fish shop, opposite the Wu Dingmen. During the holidays, I gave my mother lunch every day, plus the last century fifty years my brother attended the United Middle School and sister school sea primary school in Sanmin Street, so I often walk in this street.

    On the south side of the Mt. My sister's husband's family in the middle of the road northbound, set foot on the high level before entering the courtyard, three rooms, Chinese classical furniture. In the middle of the house by the wall after the long table, octagonal table, both sides have a chair, on both sides of the house to live with her in-laws, sister sister to live in a bedroom bed four corners of the four pillars for the wooden shed, Footstool. Now there are the demolition, this is the late Qing Dynasty or the Republic of China eight sets of furniture is still sister's new home.

    The most west of the labor Lane School of disabled children, is the name of the deaf and his wife, Zheng, remember the man's flat head, red face, short hair, fair-skinned, handsome, now here is Huaihai love boat care center.

    Department of the mountain west of Pengcheng Road. Road at the southern end of the fork in the road, a south, an eastward, like a scissors stretched, the image is called scissors. Scissors Unit to the north of a court, in front of a bulletin board, about the early sixties of the last century, the Yellow River Bangzi Theater famous actor Li Yanqiu was her husband Li Xiuhua disfigurement hit the whole city, I was in this bulletin board to see the incident And trial information.

    My aunt primary school students living in Pengcheng Road East Road, Cui Lane, she took me to her aunt sister home to play, I remember her home green tile high award 礤 (stone steps), the room has Shenrui Rui , The yard with cockscomb, chicken grass flower, as well as transfer lotus (sunflower). We smashed the chicken flower petals with stone sticky red nails, red and bright does not fade.

    Ministry of the mountains left the memory and hope. When I was a child, my mother told me, "Your father used to work in the hills and hills." Looking at the crisscross streets and alleys, the high-rise courtyards, I would like to know which road my father worked in? Which hospital? Which room? In 1956 or so, we four red scarf chorus to participate in the city high school students singing contest ranking, was invited to the city radio recording, we wore a white shirt, tied with a red scarf with the teacher came to the Ministry of the top of the radio station, and the radio wall It is Hakubayama Elementary School. At that time I always think, my father was not here in the office? Where is he now?

    My father went to Taiwan in 1948. Until 40 years after the 1989 visit from the United States to see the pro-Xu to see the one hand, the stage is the father of Xu Ma stage only visited the attractions. May 20 of that year, our father and daughter up the stairs, in the scenic southeast corner of the stone bench to sit down, hearts filled with emotion: we have been so far away from this half of the earth and the half, the Pacific coast And that the shore; now we are so close from the past, you can see each other's eyes, the eyes of the pupil, pupil in their own. Xuzhou said the father changed too much, has not recognize the original place of work, he said: "I really sorry you, gave birth to you, but failed to raise you, so that you eat a lot of suffering, My heart has thousands of knot every day to pray for your health and peace. "He implied in the bottom of my heart for decades the words of the heart is finally loaded with thousands of years of vicissitudes of the Department of the Ministry of the top spit spit.

    In the eighties of last century, my youngest daughter was studying at Jiefang Road Primary School. My second daughter was working for a large company in the Heshun Mountain. In recent years, I have participated in the Hokkaido Hanlin Street Pengcheng College and the activities of the Book House, many times with the Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Poetry Association, the old university came to the ancient buildings, many times and his father sat down and talked to play on the table stone stool misses the centenarian ... and Department of mountain intersection is really inextricably linked.

  Department of Mountain is the cultural and economic center of Xuzhou, is a prestigious feng shui treasure, the development of the Ministry of the mountain will reproduce the color, as Xuzhou people can not be full of hope and pride. Not long ago with the Evening News and Writers Association once again visited the Folk Museum, wrote the seven laws "to visit folk museum feel":

  Lean on a railing near a mountain quiet, Wenyou affectionate Huxing.

  Painting lintel four homes, brick Daiwa champion floor.

  Article curved path Chen years, wall Wen Ji in summer and autumn.

  The country is all painted, the heart is Xuzhou favorite.

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