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July 29, 2016 Pengcheng Evening News series reported that "the Ministry of the mountain courtyard of the past, the Cheng family courtyard poetry following the world,

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  "Humanities Yunlong, the Millennium Department of Mountain"   As a carrier of regional culture, architecture is a combination of historical, economic, artistic and cultural elements. Architectural culture and human settlements natural environment and social environment is closely related, is a city context of expression. Xuzhou in 1986 was listed as the second batch of national historical and cultural city one of the necessary conditions, the city must have a still inhabited ancient buildings and commercial street. The Department of the Ming and Qing Dynasties building complex to become Xuzhou selected historical and cultural city of a trump card.   At the beginning of 2016, the five courtyards (Liu Family Courtyard, Zhai Family Courtyard, Yu Family Courtyard, Quanzheng Arch, Zheng Family Courtyard) were broken.

Zheng Grand Courtyard

Mr. Zheng Yizhi (1938)

The couple in Zheng Lu and grandson (1972)

Deng family descendants to the city folk museum donated books (from left: Zhuang Yunxia, Zheng Rongyi, Zheng Si Xing, Zheng Shunnian)

Zheng's gift book

Text|Li Shimin Zhuang Yunxia chart|Li Shimin

  On the morning of the summer solstice, Zheng's 86-year-old Zheng Rongyi and her 76-year-old Zheng Shixing, 80-year-old Zheng Shunian came to the Folk Museum to donate the genealogy and Zheng Yizhi's book to Zheng Yunxia, recalling Zheng's family and memorable memories. Of the past, although the past half a century, still talking about talking about very strong.   A Brief History of the Family by  Zheng Zheng Zhou Zheng country founder Zheng Henggong, the Church No. "Tongde Hall", Zheng's original residence in Henan, the Northern Song Dynasty moved to Dongting Dongshan, Suzhou, ancestor was consort prince.  Ming dynasty business moved to Suqian, the early Qing Dynasty to avoid the war moved to Xuzhou, the ancestor of Zheng Maofang, its seniority ranking is: Mao Kai Hua Xu, Yong Yan Xiaosi, in Vance, the state base, Xuanzhao Yi asked, grams Wide German heart. This seniority order is the same as that of the ancestor of Dongting Dongshan in Suzhou.  "Xuzhou Zheng family history" cloud: "ZhengMaoFang moved to xuzhou, then as xuzhou, ancestor zhengmao fang, two ancestor qilan public, three ancestral huaxin public, four ancestor XuZan male, five generation ancestor, Shi Zu official officer, seven ancestors filial piety public, eight ancestral Ya public, nine ancestors in the Road public (the word Tanzania). "(" Miss ")  Zhengmao Fang Nanju off the street at the beginning, to make a small business for a living. Zheng Maofang Qinjianchijia, charity, and descendants of a pulse. IV Zhengxu Thai Scholars, Zheng family from the beginning of the closure of the gentry. VI Zheng Zhenguan because of the land and the same family involved in years of age and family decline. VII Cheng Hsueh-li had to sell his wife dowry, money rental housing facilities, brokerage business, less than three years that profit several times. In Sanmin Street (now the liberation of South Road) to open a sauce shop for a living, Bi Yisheng the power, in the streets, under the street, Ma Street opened a number of shops. Due to well-run, gradually rich family property, in Xuzhou Nanxiang home a few ares. Although Hsiao Hsueh-li did business, he was able to praise the poor and the poor. Due to charity, was sent a "Zheng Shanren" title.  Tongzhi fourteen years, Zheng Xiaoli first in the Department of Shandong to buy an old house to transform, moved to the Ministry of Hill, which is the South House. Later, the North Temple of the temple was purchased, the expansion of the North Institute, the formation of two parallel north and south quadrangle. Two homes connected to form four times into the courtyard system.  Zheng's decline, not because of war, nor opium, but it is litigation, generations of savings destroyed in the case. To seven ancestors Zheng Xiao, relying on the grounds diligence, charity music facilities, provoked and completed the family rejuvenation ZTE's task. Confucius on behalf of the Tang Dynasty, Kong Renyu 43 generations of war, surnamed Feng made achievements in fame, the court was granted Xijue, later known as the "ZTE ancestors", Cheng Hsiao-hsien is Zheng's ZTE ancestors. Zheng Hsiao-li's achievements are not only laid the Zheng family in the Department of Xuzhou Hill position, in particular, is to lay a family name Zheng family, Wen Yunzhang the foundation.  Mr. Zheng Tanzhi published in 33 years of the Republic of China, "deep manuscripts," there are articles, "Taishan Qian table", describing the Zheng family moved to Xu after the rise and fall, the grandfather Zheng Xiaoli deep gratitude, give a high evaluation, he said : After the family turned for the better, "" chaos less set, father (Zheng Hsiao-li) that is extended teacher division brother brother Zhongxiong school. "" I Zheng since Xu Thai into a scholar, more four hundred years Bozi Jin who have since the beginning of Zhongxiong, the father of the teachings also. "" Taosi father from the difficult, where to the kid's safe food, no peace within the care of those who worry about, "" Stolen personnel metabolism, future generations or drinking water and ignorant of its source, Yuanzhuan its matter to the table in the tomb. " (Under the same Zheng Valley)  Guangxu fifteen years old in Xuzhou, "Taishan winding south of the new Qian", that is now a small southern Hunan Xuzhou ditch Bay Village.    Zhang Boying and Zheng Gu  In 1922, Mr. Zheng Tanzhi was 51 years old. Zheng home and buy Zhai's backyard, open up the park after the Cheng, even into one, a considerable ornamental classical garden, the park floor, fish pond, rockery, pavilion, Jiamu Jia Hui, Cuiwei set off. Climbing can be far away Shui Xiufeng, sit a few should Yin poem tea. Zheng Tanzania often invited Xuzhou celebrities Qi Hanyun, Zhang Boying, Han Yuanfang, Wang Xueyuan, Wang Shaoyi and many more to this Yan together, with Yunting River, last month floor, autumn tours Dan Gui, winter cold.  In 1923 April, the marriage of Zhang Boying by Park in more than ten days, to the Han Dynasty Zheng Zai true for the Yu, this garden named "Zheng Gu", and the book to scroll "Zheng Guji" see gift. The text said: "Yu said is the name of Zheng Gu carry on.Tan of the side of the stone, Deng Tao Road and South Valley, Valley in the flat open room for the Xuan, the Northern Qi carved residual stone.It is on the floor, overlooking The whole city is well known.Qi Han Yun on the name of the month, not to do its Sheng.Zi Yuan extension is not surplus acres, floor corner of nothing, and the four o'clock the beauty of clouds, water and light color eye can see, The case of those who are high, the culpability of the virtual, so the concept of Qiwei not fake human micro - I know Tanzania, who know what to enjoy the Taniguchi Zhen Zi, not too private to carry on.  Zhang Boying based on the terrain of Zheng Garden, Yun and master of cultivation, named "Zheng Valley", is not an ordinary praise, but a character, purport and state of refinement, from the mouth of Zhang Bo Ying, it is not accidental.  Zheng Tan of the enlightenment of this meaning, both dare not, and very cherish, he wrote: "Zheng Gu Gu after" said: "Alas, Zheng Zi really Han Guoshi, to Ukraine when the foot? The paper is so precious that it is especially valuable.  Zheng family still miss "Zheng Gu", for its historical existence and wing, and Jane. But also for its now "no longer exist" regret. In fact, Zheng Gu is not just a building, not just a scenic spot, it is a garden, a comprehensive name garden. In a sense, it did not disappear, it was 1922, because of the past century, personnel changes, accommodation needs, Zheng Gu original shape changed, but the mountain as a whole is still, we follow Look, you will find traces of it.    Zheng love in Xuzhou education  Mr. Zheng Tenzhi gentle temperament, love reading, when Suoxue Su Ru, good long classical, proficient in appreciation, in-laws Zhang Boying its appreciation of the deep "wins to far carry." Zheng Tan 's enthusiastic hometown education. The late Qing Dynasty, Guangxu twenty-nine years (1903) Xuzhou Yunlong College to Xuzhou school. Qing Guangxu thirty-two years (1906) Xuzhou Yunlong College stopped strokes, Tongshan County magistrate Yuan Guojun changed its Tongshan County gentry high school, principal Qi Hanyun. At this time, Zheng Tanzhi was hired to teach, teach history, and new courses. After the Republic of China, Xuzhou war, Mr. Do not, at home, set up hall to teach children and friends and children. In his diary, Zheng Yizhi wrote: "In 1916, at the age of six, my father began to teach literacy at home," and in 1918, his father taught the Chinese textbooks of primary schools published by the Commercial Press.  In the middle of the Republic, the war was assigned, Zheng Tanzhi to promote local education in Xuzhou, had organized the "Chutai school", "the name of Chutai, so keep the monuments and never forget." "To the appropriate place, but also to the value of many scholars, if no one continued whom, Fu Ning non-sorry thing also?" Address in the Ministry of Shan Shan Shan Tsui house, wide four acres of school sites, there are more than 10 school buildings . In this school students "also have a sense of excitement to think of the country fold thousands of miles are almost! To the hope of carry on." Mr. fist heart vividly on paper. ( "Chutai School")  Mr. and personally compiled a textbook for young people to read "Xuzhou history." This local textbook, Jiangsu Normal University Professor Zhao Mingqi that "This is by far the only one of the Xuzhou history of the book." Zheng Tanzhi Xuzhou young people by virtue of love Xuzhou, Xuzhou patriotic education, he "Xuzhou historical order" in the sound of the call: "cover the feelings of the people who do not bother to read its homeland also to Xuzhou people, Phi Xuzhou thousands of years of history, see the flow of the wind strong, Thinking almost?


Zheng Yizhi's wife, Wang Bingru (1977 snake)


Zheng Yizhi, Wang Bingru to each other for 60 years

  Mr. Zheng is the tenth generation of Zheng, Nanjing Normal University professor, said Mr. Zheng Yizhi, although he lives in Nanjing, but Xuzhou people are more familiar with him, not only from the time we are closer, and Zheng Yizhi he participated in the compilation of "Chinese "Dictionary", "All Dictionary of Song Dynasty Dictionary" is a necessary reference book, his works "Yi Zi Yin Cao," "Traces of Man", "Ping Pan up", although it is thin, but it is important Value, very difficult to find, the asking price is not low.

  Mr. Zheng Yizhi, 1911, the age of the Xinhai, was born in Xuzhou households mountain, Mr. Zheng Tanzhe's philosophy. Before the age of nine in the private school from the parent school reading, accept court training. In 1927 because of the war, Xuzhou middle school is still closed to go home to study with his father, never wasted time. In 1935 Zheng Yizhi 24 years old, after graduating from college has been engaged in education, until the age of 82 is still on stage to give lectures. In 1974, Zheng Yizhi unfortunately found suffering from gum cancer, doctors believe that only surgical resection was effective treatment, Zheng Yizhi resolutely do not accept, he said: "I am a teacher, I want to lecture, surgery how I lecture? Before agreeing to surgery. This is Mr. Zheng Yizhi's teacher ethics, the professionalism of Chinese teachers. After the July 7th Incident, the Japanese invaders were rampant and faced with fierce foes in the face of the enemy. Zheng Yizhi said something like this: Even if he was carrying a family or a stranger, he would not eat the millet, not his slaves. Gully is also ignored. "Sonorous sound, is the backbone of Chinese literati.

  Zheng Yizhi's "Traces of Man", "Ping Traces up", read to make sorrow and grief, fled eight years, there are bereaved sorrow, there are pains to run around. The winter of 1939, his wife production, the baby falling to the ground, "Huafu housewife to pick up the." This territory who encountered? A few days later, her daughter Yun Yi fever died, buried in the Han River shore. Two days later, sir, mourning, go to see the child's tomb, "wine alone, to see Yun children, wild wind is very big, grave dry."

  At this point, we must talk about Mrs. Zheng Bingzhi Wang Bingru, Xiao County palace girl, is Xiao County, the war of martyrdom of Wang Xueqin's sister, introduced by Han Xi raise two brother, 23 years old and Zheng Yizhi married. Wang Bingru character tenacious, 18-year-old to fight for primary school, still adhere to school after birth. She has six girls (2 deaths), always teach children self-esteem, self-improvement, to live up to expectations. Wang Bingru as we Guixu, during the war of resistance against Japan fled, learn to stove, cooking, sewing clothes and socks, he has endured hard training, and finally the children one by one adult training.

  Zheng Yizhi, Wang Bingru couple is arranged by their parents marriage, but they Xiangruyimo nearly 60 years to mutual understanding, support, achievements of Mr. Cheng's academic attainments, but also achievements of the child's married.


  Cheng descendants of talented people

  Shi Zheng in the land of Mr. Lu, youth infected with deafness, he conquered the disease, temper tenaciously, to make progress, and finally success. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, as the Central University of Agriculture College of Forestry Department, after the founding of new China, served as dean of Nanjing Forestry College, and transferred to the Dean of the Chinese Academy of Forestry to found living fossils known as Metasequoia and renowned Chinese and foreign.

  Zheng in the land of Xuzhou complex deep. May 1938, Xuzhou fall, the family fled, Zheng did not go far away in Sichuan Lu Shan, but go back and forth in Xuzhou, Xiaoxian, Xue bridge between several family refuge, home without peace; hidden in the governance house three house The book burned in the flames of war; he in the "avoid chaotic miscellaneous chanting ten" in the lament: "the cause into a bubble, pastoral pay robbery gray unbearable items, the road dead body." Such feelings, The appointment of the Japanese government.

  After the liberation, Zheng Lu in Xuzhou City Commission as members of the four back and forth, collecting historical relics; he participated in the acceptance of Hushan "Yang stone", arranged escort; he and Zhang Xiaoxia et al collection of Han stone, Xuzhou cultural relics protection contribution. After the Cultural Revolution, Zheng Lu in Jiangsu Province was hired as a librarian. Zheng in the land with "suitable for my cottage poetry."

  Eleven famous Chinese painter Zheng Yan (Sven) and a generation of master Li Keran is a Peking Opera students, but also art students. Zheng Yan was appointed vice president of Fujian Wuyishan Painting Institute. Most of his works were donated to the Wuyishan Art Gallery. His landscape painting was magnificent and he had the same inheritance with Pengcheng School of Painting.

  Deaf calligrapher Zheng Si Li opened a private deaf school, is the founder of Xuzhou deaf school.


  Memory under the old ginkgo tree

  Zheng courtyard built by the mountains, sitting west facing east, outside the shadow wall wall, both sides have a flagpole, showing fame. Shadow wall at both ends of a big tree. In addition to the door now dependent, locust tree and flagpole seat is not, into a road. Zheng Yung-yi, Zheng Shun-old memories, their childhood summer, big tree is their shade, the game happy place. Standing there, the playful scenes of childhood still.

  Big Ash is not, but the North Garden of the ginkgo tree is still lush, is said to have four or five hundred years of history. Branches and four branches, branches and leaves cover the entire courtyard, the summer shade of no heat, Mid-Autumn leaves full of golden. Old people recall, childhood, the ginkgo tree is not so thick, branches are not so extravagant now, but the spring and summer shade, Ginkgo biloba, it is unforgettable. Ginkgo trees near the Liu wall, under the wall is where the children gather together. More than 100 years ago, a three grandmother door, after the wedding, the family is in the old ginkgo tree under the family photo, but now the photo is gone.

  Zheng family courtyard prosperity, there are two houses, the Southern Hospital is divided into before and after the hospital, Hua Tingyuan; North Hospital is also divided into before and after the three homes. North courtyard of the backyard has a boulder, the children playing in this slippery play, for a long time the stone was actually polished smooth polished. Later, in order to facilitate into the South House, then chisel stone for the order.

  Old people said that the repair of the courtyard of Zheng, much better than the previous, to restore the daily life of the scene Zheng. Zhuang Yunxia said it was because before the construction workers to visit the original Zheng Jia descendants Zheng Yizhi, Zheng Si Xing, Zheng Jingyi and others, in order to try to maintain the original appearance of the Zheng family compound, to restore its historical old view. Such as the threshold of about 30 cm high, the average adult still have to bend over and out leg, the children is not easy to pass. Such a high threshold is also a special status symbol of the master. Into the master's bedroom, you can see the shelf bed, the shelf bed has three screens, five screen points, where the shelf bed is five-screen, the bed has many different sizes of wooden lattice, , A total of 81 grid, contains a lasting well-being, good luck.

  North courtyard of the courtyard is the home of sun soy sauce. In the old days, seven-generation ancestor Zheng Xiaoli to open sauce shop for a living, as if to imagine the old drying process of soybean scene. Located in the eastern side of the courtyard house, mainly soy sauce cooking process and place the finished product, also as a kitchen, now the indoor stove, rice tank, rack, reproduction of the old kitchen scene.

  According to the structure of the original building is divided into three functional spaces, between the premises for lectures, the wall has a wooden screen, on the carving of the Three Character Classic, the disciples of the regulations and other books, emphasizing the College atmosphere. Before the screen placed the table and the stool for teaching lectures, Mr. of the table placed students tables and chairs, simulation of the old scene.


  (Xu Xiaogang, Xu Jianguo, Liu Zongfan, Yu Zongcheng, Zhai Jingbiao, Zheng Yungyi, Zheng Shixing, Zheng Shunnian, Quan Taiyong, Liu Zhichang, Liu Yongjun and other information, photos, presented books; Reference Liu Yuzhi "Xuzhou Hutushan Cui Family Courtyard architectural characteristics ", Yang Chunru" Xuzhou Cui's Hanlin House ", Han Feng" approached the Ministry of Mountain "and so on.)

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