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August 12, 2016 Pengcheng Evening News series reported that "the descendants of the Department of Liu to the Ministry of Mountain Lu in the Department of the Mountain Courtyard compound of Liu Jiayuan

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Liu tomb at the foot of the mountain

During the Republic of Liu 's Songmao operating grain line invoices

Liu Jiakun painted "Ping Pro Court"

Liu courtyard arch


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Liu Liu, and the Han dynasty Liu Bang Tongzong. Liu Garden, people used to say "Liu Garden", "Liu Garden", because the Liu backyard is a location Gao Chong, elegant landscape of the garden, Mr. Liu Yongjun Liu descendants of each of this, regret. He said that the park in the chic Ping Lin Ge, is the Ministry of the mountain and with Yunting and other ancient buildings, after the Cultural Revolution chaos, but after the demolition.


  Liu Xiang tomb of the migration

  Liu Grand Courtyard, Liu Bang is the brother of Chu Yuan Liu Liu's four generations of Liu's descendants living place. Speaking of the Liu family compound is bound to talk about Liu Xiang. Liu Xiang, (about 77 BC - 6 BC), Peixian people. Formerly known as Liu Gengsheng, Zi Zi Zheng, Western Han Dynasty scholars, bibliographers, writers. Liu Xiang and his son Liu Xin is in Confucianism as a classics and dominate the world, and re-study and organize the philosophers of the works and doctrine of the important figures. His "Do not record" opened the precedent of Chinese bibliography. Liu Xiang buried after the death of the northern city of nine mountains. His cemetery moved many times.

  Liu Xiang 's 74 - generation descendant of Mr. Liu Zhichang said Xuzhou Liu Xiang' s descendants, is ordered to keep the mausoleum in Liu Xiang tombs and reproduction so far. Liu Xiang tomb location, according to the Republic of China version of "Tongshan County", said the original "in the northwest of Sanli Yanwu South", due to the Yellow River diverted to the south of migration in the water, then moved to Doushankou South, located in Jiulishan Liu Wo village After the mountain. However, Mr. Liu Zhichang said Liu Woocun Liu Shou is not the residence of Shou Ling.

  According to Liu's tomb, "Liu Chu's Table of Tombs of the Han Dynasty," which was re-established in the 12th year of the reign of Liu Jing Tang Ming Jiajing (1533), we can see that Liu Xiang Tomb and Genealogy. This is the earliest literature. Tomb table said, after the Southern Liang Dynasty, Liu is divided into two north-south. North Branch of the Department of Xuzhou households Liu, when the year is slightly older, more young people in the south, after losing contact. Mr. Liu Zhichang said that about 10 years ago, in the "Yangzi Evening News" to see an article on Liu's descendants, Liyang, Nanjing, said to Liu to descendants, especially the article with a photo, the photo shows Is the 1942 joint public offering Liu Xiang, the photo on the right side of the tombstone of the rubbings. Liu Zhichang immediately sent a letter to contact, but no information. He estimated that the author should be descendants of the Southern branch Liu.

  Mr. Liu Zhichang home possession of a photo, recorded the tomb of Liu found a new story. During the Puppet Regime, the pseudo-government was preparing to build a north-to-west school in today's Zhongshan North Road, Qingyun Bridge. After construction, four tombs were found. Through the tombs, they knew the tombs of Liu and his son, The autumn of 1943, Xuzhou Liu clan Hezu Gong Ji, photography, leaving this precious photo. Photo Middle tombstone can be seen after the main grave, that is, Liu Xiang tomb. Monument from the left and right, the first person is the longest, the second person is Liu Zhichang two grandfather Liu Mingshan (photo writer), the fifth person is the father of Liu Zhichang.

  The beginning of the founding of new China, due to the construction of Jiuli Shan airport, located in the side of Liu Xiang tomb and tombstone need to be removed. Liu Zhichang recalled Mr. Liu Xinru told him that when demolished in order to restore the original appearance, the tombs were numbered moved Jiulishan. Xi after all kinds of reasons failed to reconstruct the tomb stone lost.

  Now, the nine tomb of Liu Xiang, has moved to repair, I have been looking for in 2015, it was a tall platform on the hillside, a high angle of the eaves of the pavilion, which pass the original tombstone stand in the pavilion. Mr. Liu Zhichang said that every year Ching Ming, his family as the elderly, are leading relatives to go sacrifice, so that future generations will not forget.


  ● Ping Ping Court and the Ministry of Hill

  The late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, forced by the flood, Liu Xiang Shou Liu to the tomb after the livelihood of the people moved from the town of Jiuli Shan, began to enter the business community. Liu has been operating textile cloth, north and south grocery, hotel grain line, industry transformation First, follow the social and economic development in Xuzhou, one of the accumulation of funds and the prosperity of the family. Guangxu years, they buy a house in the northern foot of the Ministry of housing, rebuilding the door, among the families of the rich families of the mountain. Liu for the layout of the home, the design is quite particular about, there can be regarded as the Ministry of the largest mountain garden. In 1926, 72 generations of Liu Mingshan presided over the design, open up the back garden, the wall directly under the MaTaiTingZi less than 20 meters, several acres of land, planting all kinds of exotic trees, winding paths, Cuiwei shade, Ping Lin ", embedded with a plaque, overlooking the Yellow River, Jiuli Shan, a Ministry of the northern foot of the famous attractions. So the majority of people do not call Liu compound compound, which is known as "Liu home." This is the original Xuzhou City Garden Department Mr. Liu Jiakun depicts the "Ping Lin Court" map, reproduce the landscape of the past garden, it is infinite wistful.

  Liu Zhichang said that Liu is now open courtyard, very small, but the original courtyard Liu courtyard, the original Liu has three courtyards in the East; Eastern Hospital is a large room to live, although the housing is not, the courtyard is also preserved West Hospital is a two-bedroom living, now no courtyard, into a public garden. Is now the door is renovated, but the courtyard of the two into the hospital door, entered the main room was Mr. Liu Zhichang's birthplace. In fact the original location of the door when the Liu family in ten meters away, including the current road area. Liu operating the shop, such as "Taihe source" is a font size of two stores, connecting Ma Street and Road Ping Road, Grandpa business, on the road Ping Road, the father, the second uncle is running outside the South procurement. Taihe source is a north-south goods store, Liu Zhichang still remember the shop in brown sugar, rock sugar, red dates, broom and other commodities. Yuk Sau Chi is also Ping Road, and Thailand and the source of the next, uncle's eldest son Liu Guochang open. Yuxiu pool It is quite famous in Xuzhou South Beach bath, I remember clearly, childhood often follow his father to Yuk Sau pond bath, a gatehouse, aisle. Xinquan wine shop is in the horse market street 55, a few years ago I visited the Ma Street, when any old man, we know that the use of Xinquan Wine Shop is a Furui wine, well water quality, wine is mellow,

  After the Revolution of 1911, Zhang Xun entrenched in Xuzhou, held four meetings in succession, and contacted many warlords and bent on restoring the Qing court. In July 1917, Zhang Xun led 5000 braids soldiers to Beijing to Pu Yi out to restore the throne, the trouble of the 12-day restoration of the dream to end in failure. Zhang Xun fled, stay in Xuzhou brave soldiers took the opportunity to rebel, out of the barracks in Xuzhou well-off businessmen gathered in the vicinity of South Kwan furiously looted, Songmao grain line can not escape the catastrophe, not only money grabbed grain, Of the Liu genealogy is also destroyed in Bingbu. Later, Songmao Grain Bank moved to Fengtu Street, I collected a 1949 Songmao grain line of the invoice, you can know Songmao grain line has been operating to the founding of the beginning, about six or seven decades of history.

  Mr. Liu Yongjun Liu descendants, is a painter, sculptor. He smelled and I talked about Songmao grain line, quite mixed feelings, according to childhood memories, give me a Kui River shore Songmao grain line location map, sketched out the old scene. He said that the current line of food store in the south of Fung Chu Street, east coast of the Kui River, a terminal, you can load and unload grain.

  Father Liu Yongchang quit, he usually likes the young calligraphy and painting antique, then in Xuzhou City God Temple Street (now Youth Road) Temple on the over, there are many people, Open a "Zeguzhai" antique shop, not only for sale, but also identification, consignment pawn, so the family possession of many precious calligraphy and painting ceramics. Later changed to do Tianlu Court Yin Ni shop, hand-made inkpad, seal the sale of materials, was invited to rule Xuzhou master four small talk about the fifth rule in the shop Indian seal engraved seal, and good relations with the family. Soon added to the sale of stationery, has been operating to public-private partnerships. Public-private partnership when the eldest brother into the Xuzhou ink factory, after combined to Wanli Hong chemical plant.

  Because the grandfather Liu Xishan word Boyuan, father Liu Yongzhi take the word element, so people call his father is called "Liu Ziyuan." After liberation, in 1952, was hired as Xuzhou city cultural relics management committee of one of the members, he put the best home more than 10 pieces of calligraphy and porcelain donated to the Xuzhou Museum, which is probably the earliest cultural relics of Xuzhou, the family also preserved Xuzhou city Certificates issued by the Commission.


  ● Tianlu Ge and Liu's pedigree

  Liu Zhichang said, Liu Jiabang generation he remembered "open good Yongchang home"; grandfather is a brother two, namely Liu Xishan, Liu Mingshan; Liu Xishan has three sons: Yongqing, Yong Run, Yongzhi; Chang, Qi Chang, Chi-chang. Two brothers have died, Liu Zhichang said, this one Liu "Chang" generation, he is the elderly, bear a lot of responsibility. His annual Ching Ming Festival should lead his family to the Jiuli Shan Liu Xiang tomb. Liu Ming-shan has two sons (Yong Ying, Yong Zi) five grandchildren, Ding Xingwang, one of his nephew is editing Liu's genealogy, to record Liu's long history. Department of Hill Liu's Church is the Tianlu Court, and Liu different elsewhere.

  Liu is the repair of genealogy, genealogy stored in Songmao grain line. Liu genealogy, and some said that when the fall of Xuzhou, was burned by the Japanese arson. Mr. Liu Zhichang said Xuzhou City Bureau of Cultural Affairs Director Liu Yuzhi analysis, genealogy destroyed, should be in 1917, Zhang Xun restoration failure, stationed in Xuzhou braids soldiers looting. Zhang Xun troops have left braids, Xuzhou people called braids soldiers. Zhang Xun missing in Beijing, the army out of control rebellion, out of the camps burning and looting. Xuzhou old man called "fried camp."

  I have access to information to prove, Miss Liu Yuzhi analysis is right. "July 11 (May 24 of the old calendar), Zhang Xun fled to the Netherlands Embassy the day before, the news of the failure to restore the spread of Xuzhou, braids soldiers head to see the immediate destruction, immediately Mutiny, especially Zhang wooden leg of the battalion, first out of the barracks, in the vicinity of the South off the rampant robbery, all wealthy stores and large spared. Braids soldier enough, and set fire to the streets of the northern section of the shop , The fire burned in the afternoon, until the middle of the night, the Kui River along the street to the horse all the houses burned. "(" Xuzhou historical data "4)

  This after a rebellion, causing public outcry, the provincial office to investigate and appease. "According to the Special Envoy Wang Yushu, Tongshan County Chamber of Commerce Zhang Zuoqing on the south gate of Xuzhou outside the street and the station was robbed, incineration firms, private housing survey as follows: South Gate Street under the robbery firms have Shuangxiang grain line, Line, Li Tongmao Jiang Yuan, I would like to Feng, such as the Code when the Beijing shop, paper, cloth Zhuang, jewelry shops, porcelain shop 67, 8 residential. (Yang Huan "Zhang Xun restoration and Xuzhou South Gate and other places were robbed" "Xuzhou historical data" 16 series) Songmao grain bear the brunt. Sudden incident, genealogy too late to transfer, so destroyed in Binghuo.


  Liu's descendants in the majority of teachers

  Liu Zhichang said he was young, has been to school, in six high school graduation in 1963, is experiencing decentralization, young people respond to the call, they applied to the East China Sea race farm, farming, horses, improved Xuzhou varieties of horses, such as The Mongolian horse and the Soviet union hippo hybrid, keeping horses, less military, mainly agricultural. That life is very difficult, there is no holiday, a year to 18 dollars, then a year to 21, to 10 years. Was said to be five years to return to the city, who knows that one is more than a decade. Mrs. Liu Zhichang Su Huixin, also in 1963 delegated the East China Sea racecourse. They are in the "rabbit does not shit," the place of hard work, changed the appearance of stallion, the original stallion year loss of huge, due to the hard work of the old three students, a year turned over. Ten years of life, can not return to the city, love marriage, there are decentralized students to find each other, there are men looking for local women, women looking for local men. Later, some couples back to the city, and some stay in the local.

  Mr. Liu Zhichang said Liu found that future generations engaged in the career there is an interesting phenomenon, is now a lot of teachers to do Liu, almost everyone has a teacher, Big Brother, Sister are teachers, and then as Liu Jiajun in Youth Road Primary School , Liu Jiazhen Yuanqiao primary school, Tucheng Street Primary School, Liu Kuichang in seven. Liu people engaged in educational undertakings, which may be related to the ancestors of the Liu Wen, no doubt there are origins, and soon there will be Jun Yan out to the glorious ancestors.

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