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International Students' Feelings of Folklore in Xuzhou Normal University

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    7 月 18 日 Xuzhou Normal University International College teacher with the United States Guo students to visit the Xuzhou Folk Museum, American students for the first time the taste of ancient Chinese houses, customs, crafts, an eye-opener. Thanks to the foreign language school teacher Yang Liu professional translation, Wu Jiangnan teacher full photography, Wang Hui teacher tracking organization. Today, Xuzhou Xinqiu art school teacher organized more than 40 children to the Folk Museum sketch, temporary and they led the teacher is still in contact, asked her to organize children draw sketches within half an hour, and American students interaction.

   The following is the feedback from the students, by Willow, Wu Jiangnan translation. Jordan: Today we are interacting with Chinese students. In Xuzhou Folklore Museum, we interacted with the pupils to see how they painted the beautiful houses of the Qing Dynasty. Nathaly: Today we visited a beautiful building and saw how a family developed in history. I was interested in learning that the ancient girl lived in her boudoir until she was thirteen years old and could not touch the outside world. Kiana: Today we visited the traditional house in China, it is really beautiful! Walking as if to let us back to that time, feel then different life, experience the special architectural style. Jere: The house is very interesting, its history and the unique features of each part fascinate me. Valerie: I know that China is a vast country with a large population, so as I think, I came here to see a lot of fantastic things. Today, we visited the courtyards of the Chinese classical tradition, and now it becomes a museum. I learned that the ancient Chinese women will be bound to a certain age to get out of her boudoir, but also from her boudoir windows can enjoy To the good scenery.

Ming and Qing Dynasties protection center ushered in a large number of students

Sitting in the old living room, feel the hospitality of the owner of the Road

Attendance guests attending a variety of manner are a lot

Regardless of color are the guests

I also sit down and play the piano personally

Coincidence of the children, we have to photo! . .

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