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2016.7.23 Modern Express Organized Yunlong District Cultural Journey Youth Activity Camp

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    2016.7.23 Modern Express Organization Modern Express Youth Camp to the Ming and Qing architectural protection center to experience the charm of folk customs, experience the folk life, visit the Department of ancient houses, to understand the traditional culture of Yunlong culture trip youth practice camp activities. Participate in the activities of the children and parents are not afraid of heat, visit the houses, to understand the traditional culture, feelings of local customs and customs of Xuzhou.

    In the Department of ancient folk house in Xuzhou area encounter lantern inheritance artist - Cao Kaijun, listening to Cao teacher about the development history and evolution of lanterns, so that children more guidance Xuzhou area of traditional culture and folk customs.

    In the East Garden, East Garden is experiencing the rehearsal Xuzhou local opera groups, they offer wonderful performances for the children, so that children feel the charm of Xuzhou local opera, the presence of children and parents are attentive to see the show, Forget the heat! . . .


After the performance of the performance and juvenile practice camp children together with the photo, leaving a meaningful happy summer practice!

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