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July 7, 2016 Pengcheng Evening News reported that "" Humanities Yunlong Millennium Department of Mountain "large-scale cultural special events last week to experience the people's livelihood activitie

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Visit the courtyard

College students visit the Folk Museum

College students touch the big ginkgo tree

College students listen to instructors explain

30 college students to visit Ming and Qing Dynasties residential buildings

(Reporter Lin Gang) Let Xuzhou people know their hometown in the past, so that outsiders understand the cultural characteristics of Xuzhou. By the Department of the Ministry of Hill Xuzhou (Huilongwo) historical and cultural district management center, Pengcheng Evening News, Yunlong District Cultural Tourism Bureau to create the "human Yunlong Millennium Department of Mountain" large-scale cultural activities of public concern, "the Ministry of Humanities Hill Series Old items collection "," the Department of mountain people's livelihood experience "," hand-painted Ministry of mountain large sketch experience "," I and the Ministry of mountain memoir essay "four theme activities are fiery. Last Sunday, the people's livelihood to visit the experience of activities, the Ministry of Mountain Folk Museum ushered in the Xuzhou Institute of Technology School of Management students.

  Under the guidance of the instructor, nearly 30 College of Engineering students are meticulously visited the Department of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the ancient residential buildings. "I did not expect such a chic Xuzhou ancient houses courtyard ... ..." These college students are a lot of outsiders, in front of the beautiful and elegant ancient houses so that they are some accidents. 15 class logistics (2) Zhang Ya Ya Yang Yanzhou class, to Xuzhou to school for more than a year, and friends also visited some of the local attractions, but the Department of mountain folk museum is the first time. She said that he attended the school in the Han Fu community, often to participate in activities, but also visited the attractions of Xuzhou Chu Tombs, so a little understanding of the Han culture of Xuzhou. However, the front of this Ming and Qing Dynasties residential buildings to know very little, and did not come to visit. The visit experience, ancient buildings in the furnishings, housing structure, folk style gave her a very deep impression, but also let her feel the diversity of local history and culture of Xuzhou, Xuzhou folk culture has a new The understanding and understanding. "This is a system of ancient building gardens is very rare, previously did not know, will come with friends." Zhang Yaya said, come back to visit the time will understand some of the more detailed understanding of some of the cultural characteristics of Xuzhou.

  Yu Ronghai is a 15-level tourism management professional students, home in Pizhou, he is also the first time to visit the Folk Museum. "I was learning to travel, before the focus of local cultural focus is not in this respect, after the visit that, Xuzhou has such a well-preserved ancient Ming and Qing Dynasties garden-style residential buildings, very rare." He said, know to visit here , The heart is longing for, when visiting the instructor introduced a lot, let him feel very proud of in front of foreign students. Folklore showcase paper-cut, sachet and other non-left items impressed him deeply, in his view, these are local representatives of traditional folk culture, the more you know, the more love. Later, a friend to play in Xuzhou, but also know a good place to go. Accounting professional Shen Ding believes that the greatest feeling is the ancient buildings have been very good protection, repair. "This excellent historical and cultural resources, with is not easy, to properly protect the more difficult, can feel good to do this."

  "Humanities Yunlong Millennium Department of Mountain" large-scale cultural thematic activities are still ongoing. The large-scale cultural thematic activities, including the "Department of Humanities and Family Hill collection of old objects," "the Ministry of mountain people's livelihood experience," "Hand-painted Ministry of mountain large sketch experience", "I and the Ministry of mountain memoir essay" four The theme of activities, so that experts, academics and more public participation, to share the history of the Ministry of Mountain Culture, the love of human style. The event organizers, the event will focus on Xuzhou Folk Museum within the compound, Zhai Grand Courtyard, Zheng Grand Courtyard, Liu Grand Courtyard, the right to keep the arch and other buildings, reminiscent of this history, people, Object of the story, to explore the relationship between people and architecture of the folk, the use of development, human meaning. Around the Ministry of the mountain this represents the beauty of Xuzhou and a unique history of the unique region, to once lived here, where the story occurred, where the preservation of residential buildings has been the main line, the Ministry of the Ming and Qing Dynasties buildings thick Cultural heritage show to the world.

  At present, the thematic activities are still in progress.

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