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"61 Children's Day" angel kindergarten in our museum to celebrate the "61"

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  Children 's Day is a worldwide festival of children, the children of every corner of the world are in this festival, and for children, Children' s Day is an important festival, the child is the future of the nation, the nation Hope, to all children to create a good social, family and learning environment, so that they grow up healthy, happy, happy to give children a memorable and beautiful childhood is very necessary, and a children's Day for children Is one after a memorable experience, so that children spend a happy and meaningful holiday, in order to give parents the opportunity to create care for children, our protection center this year, Children's Day, ah listen directly to this special event organized - Today, Mom and Dad to accompany me over the "61"

【Children's Day】

  At the International Conference on Child Welfare, held in Geneva, Switzerland, in August 1925, the concept of "International Children's Day" was first put forward.

  At the Congress, representatives from 54 countries attended the "International Conference on the Happiness of Children" in Geneva, Switzerland, and adopted the Geneva Declaration on the Protection of Children. In the Declaration, there was a heated discussion on the enjoyment of children in spirit, the relief of poor children, the avoidance of dangerous work for children, the access to children's livelihood, and how to save children. Since the General Assembly, on the one hand to encourage children, so that children feel happy, happy, on the other hand also to arouse social attention and love, governments have provided for "Children's Day."

  During the Second World War, in June 1942, the German fascists shot more than 140 male and 16-year-old male civilians in the village of Clicitice, Czech Republic, and all the babies, and sent the women and 90 children to the concentration camps. The village houses, buildings were burned, a good end of a village was so destroyed by the German fascists. In November 1949, the International Federation of Democratic Women held an Executive Committee meeting in Moscow to commemorate the killing of children in the village of Lidice and all the children who died in the fascist war of aggression and against the killing and poisoning of children by imperialist warfighters. Decided on June 1 each year as the world's children's festival, the International Children's Day.

  December 14, 1954, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization on November 20 for the World Children's Day. The resolution called for the protection of the right to life, health care and education for children all over the world. Noting that all democracies and adult men and women around the world have to combat the phenomenon of the employment of boys and girls, and that the State protects the health of children and reduces their military expenditures to meet the funding requirements of the child.

【Children's Day】

  From 1949 onwards, the People's Republic of China officially scheduled for June 1 each year for the International Children's Day. Hong Kong is currently a part of the Republic, but the people in the convention, the Hong Kong Children's Day and the original is the date of the Hong Kong Children's Day, the Hong Kong Children's Day, same. Folk way to celebrate more to send toys and gifts to children, or to accompany their children to go out to eat dinner or play.

  Through the visit to the museum so that every child can understand the ancient kindergarten children's history, feel the charm of ancient houses, to find their own highlights to point to the surface, so that each child's personality be flying, the potential to be fully play, let the children The game get more feelings, through this hopeful holiday so that customers feel the deep human touch and intimacy,

Every child with a new look into the protection center

Under the leadership of the teacher to understand the history, feel the charm of ancient houses

Leave a collective impact of the group it, "six one happy"

Big hand small hand we go together, will always be good friends! .

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