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2016.5.22 Xuzhou Folklore Museum and the Confucius Institute of China opened the children's education of Chinese culture lecture "The Analects of Confucius"

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 "The Analects of Confucius," by the disciples of Confucius and the disciples from the compiled, is recorded in the words and deeds of Confucius important Confucian classics. The book has both a blueprint for social life, depicting a better blueprint, but also human nature and politics, ethics, culture, the wisdom of the collision spark out of today we still have a lot of inspiration. Selected the "Analects of Confucius" in some of the classic content, and made a detailed and vivid narrative, while carefully incorporated into the original text related to the humanistic story, content novel, Yun Yi profound and fun, to help small readers to understand from The truth of life.

  Xuzhou Folklore Museum Chinese Academy of Confucius Institute at the weekend to open the Guoxue Guoxue, spread the traditional Chinese virtues! .

  Some children, perhaps the elderly with a large, introverted, inattentive; perhaps due to parental education is not correct, mental quality is poor, fragile; perhaps neglect interpersonal barriers; there are children doing things easy to retreat, lack of play, emotional instability . to deal with these problems, 

1), oral composition: abstract

  Nonsense, oral composition! We guide children to learn to relax, break through the inner obstacles, first of all tell their own heart to say; at the same time make full use of the child's imagination, to stimulate the child unlimited self-confidence and potential! Let the child fall in love with expression, happy to express!

2), creative screenwriter: creative + expression

   The use of children's innate imagination, creativity, creative screenwriter; guide children to learn in the Guoxue experience of the "positive energy" (benevolence, ritual, wisdom, faith, courage, love, thanksgiving. ...) in the story fully reflected. So that your child can not only confident expression, but also creative expression, more importantly, the children in the story of which, feel the power of culture, raise the noble righteousness!

  Please note: no matter how good the training method, even the best oral expression skills, if a child does not own the stomach "ink", then his expression will be a cup of boiled water. So be sure to let the children read the classics, learning Chinese culture, the child has a very rich inner things, he can better express, and the level of expression will not be the same!

   Our entire course plate learning is from the inside out, from the internal self-confidence to establish the beginning, to the external display skills of learning, let the children in interpersonal communication more initiative, more self-confidence, more courageous, courage to play!

The children spoke enthusiastically in the classroom

The lecturers are not only children but also parents, who are the children's first teachers.


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