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Ming and Qing Dynasties Building Protection Center Joint Venus Cultural Activity Center "Happy" Happy Dumplings "Practical Lesson

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  In order to reward the wonderful performance of Children's Day Children's Day, to enhance the parents and children to learn the joy of growth, to celebrate the 2016 unforgettable Dragon Boat Festival, Venus presided over performance classes scheduled for June 9 9:00 to 11:00, joint Xuzhou City Department of the Ming and Qing Dynasties Building Protection Center jointly organized the "Dragon Star Festival dumplings love joy festival." All star students can be accompanied by a parent, free of charge to participate in activities. Feelings and parents together dumplings, participate in folk games, in the most ancient courtyard of Xuzhou culture, through a memorable Dragon Boat Festival time.

  First, the activities】 【Introduction: Dragon Boat Festival is the traditional Chinese folk festival one of the three, this custom has lasted two thousand years, for the transmission of the Chinese nation's culture has played an indispensable role. With the accelerated pace of modern life, many folk activities are gradually fading out of people's attention, interpersonal relationships are increasingly indifferent. Therefore, this year's Dragon Boat Festival, Venus planning the "Dragon Boat Festival dumplings love festivals" parent-child activities, so that children in the deep atmosphere of the parent-child to further understand the customs of traditional Chinese festivals, intentions to experience the meaning of our traditional festivals. We hope to make more traditional culture of the family involved in the common, through a beautiful folk festival!

   2, to stimulate the feelings of patriotism, attention to love traditional culture; 3, in the parent-child participation to experience the fun of family ties.

Third, []: Dragon Boat Festival cultural performance practice lesson "Dragon Star Dragon Boat Festival dumplings love joy"

1, each family to get ready for everyone Zongye, rice, candied dates, red beans and dumplings packages needed pots, barrels, lines and other supplies, each family to receive a copy.

2, the game

The competition is divided into two groups.

Infants (4-6 years)

Children group (7-10 years old)

  Half an hour to learn to see which family package the best, and family and dumplings to take pictures.

Each group selected a first prize, two prize two, three prize number.

Fourth, the time: June 9 morning 8:50 collection

  Meeting place: the east side of the opera table Xuzhou City Department of history and culture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties Building Conservation Center door, Xiang Wang Road

Note: This activity is jointly hosted by the Venus presided over performing classes in Xuzhou City, the Ministry of Culture and Heritage District Ming and Qing Dynasties Building Conservation Center co-sponsored. The entire event is free of charge, each participating families can also get our well-prepared small packs. Come and join!

Folk Museum Zhuangzhu Chang is kind to the children to guide the production of dumplings

Children make their own dumplings

Seven hands and eight feet to help

Thanks to the folklore museum director thank Xuzhou night news

Thank all parents for their support

Thanks to all our teachers for their contribution

The Dragon Boat Festival parents to play the children are very hi, we witnessed too many children to come after this change and progress! you are the best! in the study to give you a happy childhood, love you come on!

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