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May 24, 2016 Pengcheng Evening News "to collect the old objects to listen to it" about "the past"

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"Humanities Yunlong Millennium Shubushan" cultural topic activities of public concern, "I and the Department of Mountain memories" essay synchronization start

(Reporter Lin Gang)

  May 19, from the Xuzhou Hutushan (Huilongwo) historical and cultural district management center, Pengcheng Evening News, Yunlong District Cultural Tourism Bureau to create the "human Yunlong Millennium Department of the Ministry of Hill" large-scale cultural special report officially launched in the news Newspapers published, the public attention. Many readers into the phone call to understand the details of the event, but also expressed the Department of the Ministry of the mountains of this place of human affection and love.

  ■ "Humanities Yunlong Millennium Department of Mountain" much public attention

  "Humanities Yunlong Millennium Ministry of Mountain" large-scale cultural special report will be "so that Xuzhou people know their hometown in the past, so that outsiders understand the cultural characteristics of Xuzhou." For the original intention to now preserve the Ming and Qing Dynasties residential buildings as the main line, This is a unique area representing the beauty of Xuzhou and its rich history. It traces back to the development and changes of the city, exploring the people who have lived here, exploring the stories that have occurred here, collecting and displaying the old objects related to the Mt. Department of the Ministry of the mountain past life, bit by bit to sort out, display. Activities in the Pengcheng Evening Weekend "Xuzhou Geography" feature column set up at the same time in the Pengcheng Evening News and Xuzhou play band WeChat platform push, the Ministry of the mountain Ming and Qing architecture of the heavy cultural background presented to the world, concerned about the history and current The relationship between architecture and people to show the harmonious relationship.

  Activities reported in the newspaper, has been the concern of many people. Mr. Zhang childhood children living in the Department of the Ministry of Hill and Ma Street between an alley, the house does not remember the way, but the alley in the ups and downs of the stone path in his mind particularly impressed. "I remember the alley to the end of both sides are living households, some small homes alone, and some two or three live in a large courtyard, the alley in the stone road do not know how many years, polished smooth shiny, near the child often "Mr. Zhang said in the call, although the original house was not in the old, but he has always been kind of complex on the Ministry of Hill, each time from the vicinity have a sense of intimacy. See the "human Yunlong Millennium Hutushan" cultural thematic activities of the news, like the encounter of a long-lost old acquaintance. Mr. Jin said the public, he heard his father talked about, the Ministry of the mountain area in the past is the old Xuzhou the most prosperous south of a place, there are many stories in the history of the Ministry of Hill, to see the news of this event, the heart is looking forward to .

  ■ collect old objects, listen to it "speak" in the past

  As a carrier of regional culture, architecture is a combination of historical, economic, artistic and cultural elements. Architectural culture is closely related to the natural and social environment of human settlements, which is a reflection of urban context. The Ming and Qing Dynasties residential complex, which is mainly composed of Yu Family Courtyard, Zhai Family Courtyard, Zheng Family Courtyard, Liu Family Courtyard, and Quanzheng Arch, witnessed and carried the unique cultural context of Heshushan.

  Old objects, witness a period of life, showing a unique folk, but also evoke a little memory. As the "Humanities Yunlong Millennium Department of Mountain" large-scale cultural activities, one of the contents of the "Ministry of Humanities and Family Hill old object collection activities" will be for the city's citizens and folklore experts, according to the five homes of the original homes of families engaged in life and life (Pots, bowls, scoops, spoons, makeup, etc.) that are related to the life of people who have lived in the original five houses, such as the tea industry, the sauce industry, and other related tools from ancient times to different times. Porcelain, old furniture, etc .; from the ancient description of the Ministry of the mountains of the monographs and articles, ancient painting, text, maps and so on.), The traditional food, Xuzhou specialty (business, product or practice process) In fact, regardless of the level of the value of objects, what kind, as long as it is associated with the Ministry of Hill objects, are in the scope of the call.

  During the collection period, the public will provide the old items by the activities of the Commission for examination and approval of experts, Pengcheng Evening News will be representative of the items for news reports, together to listen to the old object "speak" story. When the collection reaches a certain number, will be in the mountains of the Department of in-kind physical exhibition exchange, and in the newspaper published special edition display.

  Monographs, articles, old photo collection, can be sent to the mailbox: feng11105@sina.com;

  Old items collection hotline: 15996994877 Ms. Wang, 13815347453 Ms. Fu

  ■ collection of beauty, talk about those people, those things

  "This is the Southern Song Dynasty anti-gold star Wen Tianxiang's poem" opera table ", depicting the ancient Song Dynasty, Is the experience of the Ministry of the Ministry of mountain horses. In fact, the ancient name of the Nanshan Department of the mountain has always been a collection of places of humanities, the ancient literati for the Ministry of the Ministry of mountains, opera Ma Taiwan made numerous poems, spread so far.

  To explore the public life and the Ministry of the mountain bit by bit, all aspects of the "human Yunlong Millennium Shubushan" cultural special report launched the "I and the Department of Mountain memories" essay activities for the public to provide a special display platform, So that more people to understand the Ministry of the Ministry of Hill who have those things. Regardless of age, identity, occupation, whether it has been living in the Department of Mountain, or for some reason and the Ministry of the mountain of indissoluble bonds, can be his right to become the most important elements of the United States.

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