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May 26, 2016 Pengcheng Evening News "" hand-painted Ministry of the Ministry of mountains large sketch experience "start registration"

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“Humanities Yunlong Millennium Department of Mountain "large-scale cultural special report by the public sustained attention, the four theme activities have been started

 (Reporter Lin Gang)

  May 19, by the Xuzhou Hutushan (Huilongwo) historical and cultural district management center, Pengcheng Evening News, Yunlong District Cultural Tourism Bureau jointly build the "Humanities Yunlong Millennium Department of Mountain" large-scale cultural special report officially launched after the news published , Subject to continuous public attention. Many readers into the phone to understand the details of the event, but also expressed the Department of the Ministry of the mountains of this place of human and cultural love and affection. Reporter learned from the organizers of the event, "Humanities Yunlong Millennium Shubu Mountain" cultural series of activities of the "large-scale livelihood experience", "hand-painted Ministry of the Ministry of large-scale sketching experience" two activities today began accepting applications.

  "Humanities Yunlong Millennium Department of Mountain" large-scale cultural special report will focus on Xuzhou Folk Museum within the compound, Zhai Grand Courtyard, Zheng Grand Courtyard, Liu Grand Courtyard, the right to keep the arch and other buildings, reminiscent of this History, characters, objects of the story, to explore the relationship between people and architecture of the folk, the use of development, human meaning. From the perspective of the times, the fashionable brushwork method, paying attention to the relationship between history and present, and showing the harmonious relationship between architecture and people. In the course of the activity, there will be a series of activities such as "Collection of Old Items of the Department of Humanities and Hometown Hill", "Experience of Large-scale Minsheng Visiting Experience", "Large-scale Sketching Experience of Hand-painted Household Department of Mountains" and " Theme activities, so that experts, academics and more public participation, to share the history of the Ministry of Mountain Culture, the love of human style.

  "Ministry of mountain people's livelihood experience" activities will begin in June and lasted for a month. Weekly invited ordinary citizens, students and folklore experts, scholars of literature and history, ancient architecture research and other local cultural circles in batches approached the Department of Mountain five courtyards, to experience the atmosphere of ancient architecture of Ming and Qing Dynasties, the ancient Ming and Qing Dynasties living space . In addition to a number of common understanding, I believe everyone on the Department of Ming and Qing Dynasties ancient houses have a unique visual point of view, these views will be brought together as "the eyes of the people of the Ministry of Mountain", published in the newspaper. With immediate effect, "the Department of large mountain people's livelihood experience" activities began to accept the application. Whether it is not visited before the Department of Ming and Qing Dynasties residential buildings, enrolled in the people's livelihood experience, there will be a different harvest and feelings. Of course, if you participate in this activity to write personal feelings, will have the opportunity to publish in this newspaper.

  "Hand-painted Ministry of mountain large sketch experience" event registration at the same time start. Organizers, professional artists, teachers and students in the art department of Xu College, well-known art training center, studio, art teacher or folk painting enthusiasts can now register to participate in this activity, sketching experience will start by the end of June . At the appointed time, we can freely choose the painting angle in the Ming and Qing Dynasties residential buildings, through the hands of the brush, depicting different charm, different views of the Ministry of Hill, the ancient rhyme with modern fashion. These sketches will be selected by the event review panel and will be displayed on the WeChat platform. The winning entries will be judged on the basis of public vote and expert opinion.

  Registration Hotline: 13815347453 Ms. Fu, 15996994877 Ms. Wang

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