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May 20, 2016 Yunlong Channel "" Humanities Yunlong Millennium Department of Mountain "cultural special report from the start"

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  So Xuzhou people know their hometown in the past, so that outsiders understand the cultural characteristics of Xuzhou. Today, from the Xuzhou Department of Hill (Huilongwo) historical and cultural district management center, Pengcheng Evening News, Yunlong District Cultural Tourism Bureau to create the "human Yunlong Millennium Department of Mountain" large-scale cultural special report was officially launched. Series of reports will be around the Ministry of the mountain on behalf of the beauty of Xuzhou and a unique history of the unique region to once lived here, where the story occurred, where the preservation of residential buildings has been the main line, the Ministry of Shan Ming and Qing architecture The thick cultural heritage of the group to show the world, harmonious architecture and people close to the sense of awakening the ancient buildings of another spring.

  Event organizers, the "human Yunlong Millennium Department of the Ministry of Hill" large-scale cultural special report will focus on the Xuzhou Folk Museum within the compound, Zhai Grand Courtyard, Grand Courtyard, Liu Grand Courtyard, the right to keep the arch, etc. Building, reminiscent of this history, characters, objects of the story, to explore the relationship between people and architecture of the folk, the use of development, human meaning. From the perspective of the times, the fashionable brushwork method, paying attention to the relationship between history and present, and showing the harmonious relationship between architecture and people. Series of reports will be published in a number of national and Jiangsu Province, Xuzhou good column award Pengcheng Evening Weekend "Xuzhou Geography" special edition, the first feature story will be May 20 to meet with the public, the relevant content will also Pengcheng Evening News And Xuzhou play WeChat platform push.

The "Humanities Yunlong Millennium Department of Mountain" large-scale cultural special report process, will also be held, "the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Hill family collection of old things," "Ministry of mountain people's livelihood experience," "hand-painted Ministry of mountain large sketch experience" , "I and the Department of Mountain Memoirs essay" four theme activities, so that experts, scholars and more people to participate in, share the history and culture of Hokkei, the love of human style.

  According to the living and life of the above five courtyards, it can be divided into three categories: the tea industry, the sauce industry, the tea industry, the tea industry and the tea industry. Etc.), traditional food, Xuzhou specialty (business, products or practices), and other related tools, and the original five compound people living life-related folk appliances (with the characteristics of the pot, bowl, scoop, spoon, makeup, Porcelain, old furniture; description of the Ministry of the mountains of the monographs and articles, ancient painting, text, maps and so on. During the collection of old objects, Pengcheng Evening News will be representative of the items dynamic news reports, in the collection reaches a certain number of households in the mountains when the kind of on-site exhibition exchange, and in the newspaper published special edition display.

  In the past month, the local public, private students, folklore experts, and scholars of the history and culture will be invited to visit the five halls of Mt. The atmosphere of the ancient architecture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the life space of the ancients in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. In addition to a number of common understanding, I believe everyone on the Department of Shan Ming and Qing Dynasties ancient houses have a unique visual point of view, these views will be brought together as "the eyes of the people of the Ministry of Hill" will also be published in this newspaper.

  "Hand-painted Department of the Ministry of large-scale sketch experience" activities, and the Department of Art in Xu College, well-known art training center, studio joint, invited campus teachers, students or folk painting, free to choose the painting angle, through the hands of paint Out of different charm, different views of the Ministry of Hill, the ancient rhyme with modern fashion. Participate in the registration method, please pay attention to Pengcheng Evening News Micro Letter platform recent content. These sketches will be selected by the experts selected works, and through the WeChat platform to display, integrated public opinion and expert opinion of the winning entries. The winner will be given a chance to be printed as a postcard, or printed on a ticket to the Mt. Mt. Folk Museum.

  "I and the Department of Mountain Memoirs essay" activities, for once lived in the Ministry of the residents of the mountain and the city's citizens, writing and the Department of mountain-related life, events bit by bit, all aspects. Through these essays, so that more people understand the Ministry of Hill who had those things.

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