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May 20, 2016 Yunlong Channel "Department of the Ministry of Hill Past and Present"

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  Yunlong District Cultural Tourism Bureau Wang Shengjun Secretary said that Yunlong District, most of the area are in the old city of Xuzhou, there are many historical and cultural sites, such as the Han culture as the theme of the Han culture area, play Ma Taiwan area, Qing ancient buildings, the development of these historical and cultural relics Yunlong District is an important issue. At present, Yunlong District is focused on creating vitality Yunlong, legal Yunlong, cultural Yunlong, the people Yunlong, the area of cultural tourism is particularly important, how to develop cultural industries there is also urgent. The event, "the humanities Yunlong Millennium Department of Mountain" as the theme, the eyes fell on the Ministry of Hill, is to the Ministry of the mountain past life and life of this sort of system. Department of the mountain called Nanshan, Xuzhou Pengcheng the name of the time, it exists. Department of mountain has also been literati who ascended to, and left a lot of poetry, become a place of humanities. Xuzhou people have a saying, "Poor North Pass, Funan off, the rich are the Ministry of households Hill." This sentence is actually a microcosm of the development of modern history of Xuzhou, but also reflects the Ministry of Hill unique folk culture. This culture, for Xuzhou people, have memories, but also heritage. Through activities, to explore the Ministry of the mountain more cultural connotations, enhance the public, tourists, experts, scholars, exchange and interaction between the Ministry of Hill to build a human spirit of Xuzhou home, become Xuzhou city living room.

  From the Ming Dynasty, Pengcheng Evening News Xuzhou geographic columns will launch the first series of articles, by the Jiangsu Normal University part-time professor, Xuzhou folklore expert Mr. Zhu Haoxi wrote "from the play Man Nanshan to avoid the water household mountain", since ancient times, Historical Plot and Change of the Opera.