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April 26, 2016 City Morning News reported that "take the Han clothing to take the ancient Lane, to the market not the same as the ancient costume party"

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Morning News (Reporter Xu Xiaoxu)

  On the morning of the 24th, the Department of the Department of Mountain Museum of Xuzhou folk doorBefore the unusually lively, fast growth network training camp children, wearing Chinese clothes in the Guxiang in the tour, for a different kind of costume party.

Learn to do cotton candy hand a "small clouds"

  Xiaobian invited to do a marshmallow grandfather, the machine opened, there is a smell of sweet smell, has attracted many children to come to the crowd. Sugar in the rapid rotation into the syrup, and the slightest spray to the machine after the rapid solidification, the formation of a white sugar wire, at this time to Jiangmang stick as the carrier to attach, big and sweet cotton candy to do.

The children also have to practice to do cotton candy. Looks very simple, but the transfer of rice sticks to cotton uniform attachment, compact, is also in need of experience.

"Learn the door craft, arts do not turn around the body thing." 5-year-old Lele said. A little while, the children were hand holding a "small clouds."

Guxiang water newspaper and tape made of containers

  There is a service of the United States that the United States, the etiquette that the summer. The theme of the day is the costume party, dressed in Chinese clothing, Ming and Qing Dynasties in the ancient buildings feel the taste of old Xuzhou. Children are wearing Chinese clothes, the boy wearing a gray Chinese clothing, the girl wearing a yellow and green and white clothes.

  "In ancient times, Xuzhou often suffered from the Yellow River flood, the city is only the Ministry of the mountain high terrain is not intrusive, so with the 'poor North Pass, rich South Pass, rich households Hill' ancient proverbs. I would like to explain to you, but how can the perfect thing? Live in the mountains is to avoid flooding, but usually there is no water intrusion, are used to pull the water tank from the foot of the "Lotus Well" water to meet the daily expenses, so the challenges of today's children task is: water!

  Children in the fast network under the leadership of Xiaobian to newspapers and tapes such as simple props made of containers. With self-made containers to hold water, water from the starting point of escort all the way to the end of the bucket. The children are divided into two teams, the final water is more than victory. Facts have proved that, after the tape waterproof paper, or very able to hold water.

  Finally, the "Super Feather Man" team of children with more than half the bucket of water to win. Of course, hard to transport the water can be a waste of friends, is also used to pour watering flowers Bang Bang Da!

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