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Reprinted: February 21, 2016 Xuzhou Daily reported that "to understand the old folk hand lantern"

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(Reporter Liu Su) 

  February 19, by the City Museum, the city of non-heritage protection center, Xuzhou City Folk Museum, the fire school, held in Xuzhou Folk Museum "to understand the old folk hand lantern" activities, attracted many children to participate.

  At 9:30 am on the same day, Zhang Mingxian, Director of the Center for Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection, led the children to visit the special lantern exhibition area of the folklore museum, the lotus lamp, rabbit lamp, monkey lamp, large carp lamp, etc. Let the children an eye-opener. "Xuzhou lantern is a provincial non-material cultural projects, every lantern from design to production cost a lot of painstaking efforts of folk artists, are handmade ... ..." Listened to Zhang's introduction, the children are more surprised. The city lantern artist Zhang Jiaxin spent more than a month produced five blessing holding Shou Deng, red background affixed with a yellow Shou Zi, five different shapes of the bat around them, shining lights Shashi good-looking.

  After visiting the lantern, the next hand-made lanterns even more attractive. In the folk museum an antique room, the children sit well, follow the teacher Zhang Jiaxin handmade carp lanterns. Designed by Zhang Jiaxin carp lights, exquisite design, production is simple, a lantern shaking whole body can be dynamic, vivid. "This light is easy to learn, because it is designed on paper, as long as the cut is good, color, paste, with a line connection, and then put a small light bulb inside, small lanterns to do a good job. , He also hopes that through this activity so that children learn about traditional Chinese culture, fell in love with Xuzhou lantern.

  Easier said than done, the children under the guidance of teachers in the production step by step, every step is very serious. Most of the children are making, stitches in the part of parents to help complete, half an hour later, a beautiful carp lights on the production completed.

  "Usually you can buy electronic lanterns everywhere, this handmade lantern is too precious, not only hands-on production, more understanding of the traditional culture of Xuzhou, activities of special significance." Wang Yao Fei's parents said.

  From the Wing On Street Primary School Zhang Xinxin, usually follow my grandmother life, rarely participate in activities, holding their own lanterns produced, she was very happy, said to take home to see her grandmother.

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