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Reprinted: February 7, 2016 Pengcheng Evening News reported that "78-year-old Aunt Meng cut out" 100 monkey Naochun "" - non-genetic inheritance at the municipal level

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(Reporter Lin Gang) Year of the Monkey is approaching, the old paper-cut artist Meng Xian-yun just finished with the creation of the "Hundred Spring" to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. The old man said, before the Spring Festival will be created every year a lot of zodiac paper-cut, this year is no exception, cut more than 100 pieces of different shapes of monkeys, a lot of paper-cut points presented to friends and family, very popular.

  78-year-old Meng Xianyun, non-left project "Xuzhou paper-cut" representative of the municipal successor. See the arrival of reporters, the elderly to complete the paper-cut monkey works tiled in bed, full of a bed are placed in full, more than 100 pieces.

  These paper-cut works, some single monkeys in the play, some of the two monkeys in the game, some warm "family of three", there are group monkey Peach Shou longevity, and the image of the Monkey King. Each work on the monkeys are different shapes, dynamic full, vividly on the paper, the details of the monkeys who have meticulous hair. In addition to the monkey as a theme, but also with plum, blessing, Xiantao and auspicious words, do not have some fun.

Aunt Meng and her paper-cut works

  “Sheep gone, the monkey came, I cut this more than 100 little monkeys for everyone to send blessing, hoping to bring good luck to everyone. Meng Xianyun said that more than 100 monkeys cut paper with about two months time to watch TV, chat and even sit in bed before going to sleep, as long as there is free time to cut hands. Monkeys are in the minds of the shape of a good idea, do not draw on red paper, you can directly cut.

  Meng aunt cheerful, from the 6-year-old mother and grandmother just like to learn from paper-cut, never left this life from the craft, and now she is a silver-haired old man. Before retirement, Meng aunt in the factory to do propaganda work, out of the blackboard, choreography programs are good at. After retirement, she taught arts and crafts classes in Xuanwu Old University teach paper-cut, cloth, and dry is 10 years. Every time the festivals, Meng aunt will cut some of the occasional works, which is also a favorite gift from friends and family, she said: \ "All these years, according to the annual Lunar New Year, Meng aunt also cut" 100 Map "," hundred sheep map ", are very popular, also won a lot of awards. She said, "As long as there are images of people or things, can be cut when the creative theme."


  According to Meng Xianyun introduction, as is located in the Soviet Union, Shandong, Henan, Anhui provinces at the junction of North and South and cultural blend, Xuzhou paper-cut into the North paper-cut uninhibited, vigorous characteristics, but also combines the delicate southern paper-cut. In the creative style, Xuzhou paper-cut is divided into two factions, one school to Pizhou paper-cut as the representative of rough rough structure, reflecting the production and life, folk customs and so on. The other school is represented by the Mengchengyun, Zhang Lijun and Pei County Jing'an Town paper-cut in Xuzhou City. Their works are beautiful and delicate, smooth and uncompromising.

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