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Reprinted: January 25, 2016 City Morning News "during the Spring Festival to enjoy" cultural Huimin "dinner"

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Morning News (Reporter Xu Xiaoxu) 

Spring Festival is approaching, in order to enrich the people's festivals and cultural life, and create a happy, peaceful, festive festive atmosphere, Xuzhou City, the new Bureau carefully arranged "flowers Spring Festival - Xuzhou City Spring Festival series of cultural activities" to the public A feast of cultural feast. During the event, members of the public can be free admission to watch.

   The venue and content are as follows

  Location: Huaihai Hall

  Content: "Happy New Year" excellent traditional opera performances

  1, Xuzhou Bangzi "sell seedlings Lang" Time: January 25 14:00

  2, Xuzhou Clapper "search children" Time: January 26 14:00

  3, Jiangsu Liuqin opera "to sell filial piety" Time: at 14:00 on January 27th

  4, Xuzhou Bangzi "kneeling Han shop" Time: January 28 14:00

  5, Xuzhou Bangzi "family enemy" Time: at 14:00 on January 29th

  Location: People's stage

  Content: "Flower Spring Festival" cultural Huimin show

  1, Xuzhou City, the first "My Chinese Dream --- children's art 'Xin Miao Award'

  Presentation and Spring Festival Children 's Evening Show Time: January 28th 15:00

  2, Xuzhou City, the first social art grade outstanding works Exhibition time: January 29th 19:30

  3, children's drama "Cinderella" Time: February 10 14:30

  4, Xuzhou City Spring Festival large symphony concert time: February 11 14:30

  5, large modern Liuqin play "bloody autumn" Time: February 12 14:30

  6, large costume Bangzi Opera "Mu Guiying in command" Time: February 13 14:30

Location: Xuzhou Folk Museum

Content: Xuzhou City, the fourth annual festival



1, Yingchun Nafu to send the scrolls of time: February 4 9: 30-11: 30

   2, non-genetic heritage site display and transmission time: February 4, 5, 10 to 13 days

   3, folk customs performance time: February 10 9:00

   4, the traditional wedding etiquette performance time: February 12 10:00

   5, Intangible Cultural Heritage Project Exhibition Time: February 1 to 12

   6, the traditional opera special performance (Bangzi opera, Liuqin play selection) Time: February 4, 5, 10 to 13

   14: 00-16: 00 every day

   7, Xuzhou City, 2016 Monkey Lantern Show (guess riddles with prizes) Time: February 22 onwards

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