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Reprinted: January 24, 2016 Xuzhou Daily "cultural Huimin New Year's Day when the public free of charge admission to watch"

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(Reporter Liu Su)

Spring Festival is approaching, in order to enrich the people's festivals and cultural life, and create a happy, peaceful, festive festive atmosphere, Xuzhou City, the new Bureau carefully arranged "flowers Spring Festival - Xuzhou City Spring Festival series of cultural activities" to the public A feast of cultural feast. During the event, members of the public can be free admission to watch.

  The Spring Festival cultural Huimin activities by the Municipal Bureau of New Arts, Xuzhou Performing Arts Group, Xuzhou City Children's Art Neo-Award Organizing Committee co-sponsored, Xuzhou Cultural Center, Xuzhou Folk Museum, City Children's Art Association, Jiangsu Liuqin Theater, Jiangsu Provincial Bangzi Theater, City Dance Theater and other units co-host.

  The venue and content are as follows

  Location: Huaihai Hall

  Content: "Happy New Year" excellent traditional opera performances

  1, Xuzhou Bangzi "sell seedlings Lang" Time: January 25 14:00

  2, Xuzhou Clapper "search children" Time: January 26 14:00

  3, Jiangsu Liuqin opera "to sell filial piety" Time: at 14:00 on January 27th

  4, Xuzhou Bangzi "kneeling Han shop" Time: January 28 14:00

  5, Xuzhou Bangzi "family enemy" Time: at 14:00 on January 29th

  Location: People's stage

  Content: "Flower Spring Festival" cultural Huimin show

  1, Xuzhou City, the first "My Chinese Dream --- children's art 'Xin Miao Award'

  Presentation and Spring Festival Children 's Evening Show Time: January 28th 15:00

  2, Xuzhou City, the first social art grade outstanding works Exhibition time: January 29th 19:30

  3, children's drama "Cinderella" Time: February 10 14:30

  4, Xuzhou City Spring Festival large symphony concert time: February 11 14:30

  5, large modern Liuqin play "bloody autumn" Time: February 12 14:30

  6, large costume Bangzi Opera "Mu Guiying in command" Time: February 13 14:30

Location: Xuzhou Folk Museum

Content: Xuzhou City, the fourth annual festival

1, Yingchun Nafu to send the scrolls of time: February 4 9: 30-11: 30

   2, non-genetic heritage site display and transmission time: February 4, 5, 10 to 13 days

   3, folk customs performance time: February 10 9:00

   4, the traditional wedding etiquette performance time: February 12 10:00

   5, Intangible Cultural Heritage Project Exhibition Time: February 1 to 12

   6, the traditional opera special performance (Bangzi opera, Liuqin play selection) Time: February 4, 5, 10 to 13

   14: 00-16: 00 every day

   7, Xuzhou City, 2016 Monkey Lantern Show (guess riddles with prizes) Time: February 22 onwards

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