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Department of the ancient mountain residence - Cui Family Courtyard

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 Cui Family Courtyard [City Cui Lane 15, 21 Qing], also known as Cui flagpole or Cui Tao former residence. Cui Tao (? -1854), the word Hongqiao, the Qing Dynasty nine years (1829) Scholars, into the Imperial Academy, was appointed as Shu Ji Shi (draft edict imperial edict), Henan Henan Xu magistrate, Yuzhou know state, Huaiqing prefect and other staff, for the government wide Jane, put relief relief, deeply loved by the people, Xianfeng four years (1854) died in office. Cui Family Courtyard was built in the Qing Emperor Qianlong, Dao Guangtian years Cui Tao granted expansion. The courtyard is located in Shanxi slope, by the lower house, the upper house and the guest house courtyard three parts, the lower house is located in the Pengcheng Road and Cuijiaxiang interchange, the upper house in the eastern side of the courtyard downhill building, guest house courtyard in the north. Each compound has more than 100 houses, a total of more than 320 rooms, covering almost half of the Ministry of Hill West slope. The courtyard has the arch, the ancestral hall, the hall, the hall, the flower hall, the mandarin duck building, the back garden, the room and so on, the flower hall is wide and five five 10.7 meters, seven deep purlin 7.8 meters, eaves 3.7 meters high, both sides of the top of the roof, beam beam, Patterns, and posts gold foil, very gorgeous. Cui home and down the existing homes, there are more than 100 houses, covering 5,200 square meters, construction area of 2,300 square meters. In front of the House of Commons for a small square, the square has on the dismounted stone, there are two tall flagpole, 2006-2010 for maintenance. Hanlin House for the two-story brick structure, Miankuo 11.4, into the deep five purlin 5.9, 6.7 meters high, is the birthplace of Cui Tao.

  Xuzhou Cui family courtyard master Cui, native of Shandong Puzhou (now Juancheng). Ming Jiajing thirty-six years (1557), Jiajing emperor appoint Yan Song as phase, destroyed Zhongliang. Official clean honest Li Wanping government Yin, Hanlin Cui Hai deep official career and difficult, then resign. His three sons Cui Zan and his wife Cheng and four sons and son-in-law from Puzhou (now Shandong annihilation) Monsanto big willow head moved to Xuzhou Dongluliang Town Village (now Tongshan County Zhang Jicheng village). Cui's generation of scholarly, poetic people, Branch a peak, Ming and Qing dynasties, a total of two Hanlin, nine Jinshi, officials (prefect, Tongzhi, Tongzheng, etc.) up to 13 people. Seven ancestors Cui Xiu "Young Ying Wu, nine-year-old can be text, Qianlong eleven years (1746) to tribute students selected Suzhou discipline, the book hidden at home, learning behavior Lv party cases." The great-grandson Cui Xin to proliferative Gaozhou pass sentence, or Guangzhou, with the father, the father of the disease to return home. Cui Xixiu Cui Tao, Daoguang years to lay Health Xiaolian founder, after the lifts. (1829) in the Scholars, into the Imperial Academy, was appointed to Shu Ji Shi, served as Henan Xu magistrate, Yuzhou know the state, Zhengzhou know state, Huaiqing prefect and other staff, for the government wide Jane, relief relief, by the people Love, Xianfeng four years (1854) died in office. Cui Tao Cui Huijun "served as the Office of the river more than 20 years, under the rate of honesty, no overflowing transversal suffering ... ... income from the pension, the party marriage burial, A Hanlin, it is also known as Cui Family Courtyard "Cui Hanlin House."