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Department of the ancient mountains of residential groups - Lee Building

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Li Jia Building [City Cui Jia Lane 26, late Qing Dynasty] Xuzhou merchants Li Hua Fu built. The building sits south to north, opposite the Cui Family Courtyard. It is composed of Lang Yuan and the main building. The entire courtyard from east to west 33, north-south width of 32 meters, covers an area of 1056 square meters. Western-style double door, coupon-shaped top, both sides of the western column of the stigma, the gatehouse with a brick into a petal shape. On both sides of the door is the flower hall. The second floor of the main building, 15 from east to west, north-south width of 8.8, eaves 7.2 meters high, the second floor of the balcony around, and three stairs, construction area of 540 square meters. Wooden floor with fireplace and chimney. Balcony and doors, windows connected, designed by the Qingdao architect, was the most westernized building in Xuzhou, known as the first floor of Xuzhou. In 2003 the maintenance of the Gallery was carried out, the door 3.3 m southward recovery.