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Our moral lecture hall

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Moral strength is an important factor of national stability, social harmony and people's happiness, with the in-depth development of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization, people's ideological activities of independence, selectivity, variability, the difference increased to a certain extent, there is lack of morality. To push forward the construction of socialist core value system and attract more people to engage in moral practice activities is of great importance for improving their ideological and moral cultivation and social civilization.

To this end, Xuzhou city at hubushan in Ming and Qing architecture protection center joint play Ma Tai scenic spot is carried out with the specification of occupation morals, improve the service level for the purpose of "moral lecture, to adapt to the new situation of social development, to build a new platform for the ideological and moral construction, the content of project practice, the ideological and moral construction, widely in various forms the popularity of a variety of moral philosophy, and constantly improve the staff quality of civilization and moral level imperceptibly!