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Seven color holiday - the private small artist training class began to sign up!

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 As summer vacation is approaching, the "colorful holiday summer training course for small artists" of Xuzhou Ming and Qing architecture protection center of Xuzhou city has begun enrollment.

The training course, we still have the traditional sculpture classes, classes, classes and other sachet woven by the kids favorite, we then also add a grass class and beaded classes to meet the diverse needs of children.

From the first week of summer vacation, every Tuesday, three or four and five classes, each course four days, the class time is 9:30-11:30 per day, each course charges 40-60 yuan of material costs, in addition to this, no more fees are charged.

For other questions on the course, welcome you to inquire!

Xuzhou City Ministry of China, Ming and Qing Architecture Protection Center (Xuzhou Folk Museum)

Consulting phone: 83805809