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September 16, 2016 Pengcheng Evening News series reported "I and the Ministry of the mountain memories - three-registered Ministry of Mountain"

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As early as the child listened to people said: "Poor North Pass, rich South Pass, the rich are the Ministry of Household Hill." What is the Ministry of Hill What a ghost? Funny to say, this is not very difficult to solve the problem, but in my mind has been lingering to high school after graduation, only to find the opportunity to put aside her mysterious veil. Today, I have several times to the Ministry of the mountains, three of which left me a deep imprint, so I will never forget.

    The first time is the eighties of last century, a while, I was a young man in its prime. Weak crown of the year, when the love affair when the mouth, I and the students love each other, and soon ignited the fire of love. At that time due to restrictions on the conditions, not so many romantic places, small couples can join the city to go shopping, swim park, watch a movie, it is very envious of the capital. Early in the morning, in accordance with our previous day's agreement, each person spent two cents on the newly opened urban and rural buses, one stop to reach the old stadium, buy a ticket into the Yunlong Park, followed by Yunlongshan. Boarding Heting, visit the Xinghua Temple, Jimuyuantiao, the Ministry of the mountain in close proximity, brought back my old desire, in any case to go to see her beauty. Small any support, we were downhill. Days have noon, we in front of the museum in the small shop to buy a few pieces of bread and two bottles of beer, walking and eating, walking towards the Ministry of Hill to touch.

    Little time, we will come to play Ma stage. At this point, where the newly renovated soon, "Bashansheisi" according to the wall of the paint is also very bright, "dominance" giant tripod full of masculinity, it is imagination. Xiang Yu statue majestic, his top helmet armor, attentive hyperopia, ambitious ambition to enjoy between the eyebrows, He Xun power all in the logistics. This is a hero when the portrayal of the potential, do not see the slightest tragic ingredients. Yes, opera stage Xiang Yu, it should be synonymous with victory, and should not be a symbol of tragedy.

    Faint winding paths, empty houses, seems to be able to attract our attention, only the piece of the unique "autumn wind horse" stone carving the most attractive. Designers seem to come in handy, in fact, ingenuity, a seemingly ordinary stone, because the potential shape, a little polished, like the head, like a horse, coupled with Emotion calligraphy, endless charm. I just look at it like it, so quickly remove the camera, delineation range, the camera to a small office, walked past a permanent memorial.

This is my sweet memories, but also a sad collection, because the matter too soon, the small of the mother for our "Year of Life", listen to the fortune teller, "a Yue, the surname substandard" rhetoric abruptly broke up We, my first love painting on the reluctant of the full stop.

    The second time the Ministry of mountain, it is twenty years later. In order to live and study, our family scattered in the two provinces and three cities, all the year round, one day, a rare opportunity for reunion. Finally looked forward to the Spring Festival, children adults gathered together. Lover proposal, even though we three days two to the city, the door of the attractions are not read it, it is better to take advantage of the children are home, the whole family to the city around. Her voice fell, that was unanimously adopted. However, in the selection of attractions, the family has differences, the daughter wanted to go to Yunlong Lake, Yunlongshan son to go, love that the majority. I said slowly: "You know the Nanjing Road in Shanghai, Nanjing Confucius Temple, Suzhou Shan Tong Street, Jinan Furong Street, has not been to the Department of Xuzhou Hill Pedestrian Street?" See you all silent, and I told They: "In recent years the city's efforts to build the Department of the ancient mountains residential dwelling card project refreshing.Shaon Street, Hanlin House, play Ma station, the old houses, which are not inferior to those metropolitan landscape." Rivers, Targeted to the Ministry of households Hill.

     New Year's Day morning, the whole family came to the Ministry of Hill. Through the "eternal downtown, Xuzhou never sleeps," the "Ministry of Mountain" across the street arch, meandering line. Although many shops to comply with the old rules, the beginning of a business, but the spread can be seen everywhere, a variety of small goods dazzling, visitors. Our goal is clear, straight to the topic. First visit the Hanlin House, listen to Cui later generations about their glorious history, can not help but sigh things. Then step by step to climb to the champion Street, exchange of Li Pan anecdotes, the evergreen plant, suddenly forget the season at this time. The right to be attracted to our arches can be considered a little cultural atmosphere of the family's eyes, we could not help but stopped. "Imperial edict" plaque hanging, publicity with the master's prominent; "Central Plains literature, loyalty filial minister" inscription, shows the owner's achievements. Closed doors, but also left us with a little regret. That between the repair of old houses such as the old, but also how many mysterious story hidden? In the coming days, will certainly be able to increase the cultural connotation of Xuzhou. Return, the family express their views, agreed that a worthwhile trip.

    The third is to play Ma stage. At that time, I wrote a manuscript with Xiang Yu, the need to map. Before leaving, I repeatedly checked with their own things, cameras, manuscripts, and even the cup, the same does not fall, feel at ease away. Did not want to play the door of Taishan found only to buy tickets, and quickly open the package to pay, but the bag inside and outside valgus several times, did not find a penny, the original wallet forgot to go out at home. How to do, finally out of time to this trip, white Paolu it? See my embarrassed modality, the window of a 40-year-old lesbian asked: "how do you thing?" I tell the truth, and took out the manuscript to her read. She said kindly: "special circumstances, you go in it." I grateful to repeatedly thanked her. Little time, I will take a good photo, Pro, bowed to the statue of Xiang Yu, thanks to his somewhere to help it. I think, if Xuzhou all the service window can be like opera station staff so humane work, the good.


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