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September 16, 2016 Pengcheng Evening News series reported that "the painter's Department of the Ministry of Mountain is more desirable"

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     If the tourists in the eyes of the Ministry of Hill, is quiet and elegant courtyard and the legendary ancient story; scholar of the book in the mountains, is the past historical changes and the situation. The painter's hometown mountain, is the source of the material, but also gives the artist's own subjective understanding and choice.

     In the middle of May, the large-scale special cultural activities of the "Humanities Yunlong Millennium Hushan Mountain" jointly initiated by Xuzhou Hushuoshan (Huilongwo) Historic and Cultural Street Administrative Center, Pengcheng Evening News and Yunlong Cultural Tourism Bureau were launched and got many citizens' Attention and response. At the end of July, a group of more than 30 artists from the Grand Art Exhibition Hall came to the Hushu Mountain folk songs. Zhai, Zheng, Liu four courtyards and the right to keep the arch, the rich content and legendary colors deeply attracted every visitor, brick courtyard, slate alley , Towering old trees, turtle leaf pool, with Yunting ... ... whether it is a big scene, or small details, are always encouraged by the creative passion of the artists. More than a month later, artists have come up with their own sketches, paintings, oil paintings, sketches, paintings of nature and ultimately, the Ministry of mountain elements. When the Department of Mountain or human, or natural beauty and ink and ink blend together, more beautiful, more added a lot of elegance and charm, more people yearn for exposure to the share of the feeling.

    A glance at the creators of these paintings, Yang Zhenting, Yin Cheng, Hua Jingfu, Huang Bingyi, Luo Dongfeng, Wang Jianyi and Yang Zhengwei ... are all famous artists who are active in the Xuzhou painting circle. In order to complete this sketch, A lot of effort. Jiangsu Normal University, Professor of Fine Arts, master, painter Yang said in a previous visit, from a historical point of view, the Department of Mountain is indeed a very unique place, these ancient residential buildings from generation to generation down to now repair well preserved, Xuzhou is the Ming and Qing culture, folk culture representatives. At the same time, the Department of the Ministry of hills on the stage is the end of the Qin Dynasty, the remains of Xiang Yu, it is a heavy history. The two together in a small Department of the mountain, it can be said to enrich the history and culture of Xuzhou, should be understood. From the perspective of artistic sketching, sketching is an artist 's face to the nature of a draw, the process of the artist' s own subjective understanding and choice, different people face the same scene will have different feelings.

    Today, together to enjoy the artists on the Ministry of the mountain part of the sketch works.



Wang Xueying Oil on canvas

"Hutushan ancient houses"



Wang has a "mysterious bird"


"Zheng Family Courtyard"



Huang Bingyi - "Hu Department of Huyan Pavilion"


Yin Cheng - "Zheng Grand Courtyard"


Yang Zhenting - "Accordion of Accordion"


Luo Dongfeng -"With Yunting"


Tian - "Department of Mountain Smoke cloud"


"Theatrical Stage"


Hua Jingfu, Department of mountain painting


Yang Zhengwei - "Ma Ma Fengyun Pavilion misty rain"




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